10 Things to Lose More Weight - Step 1: I HAD TO STOP THINKING I KNEW EVERYTHING

by Amanda Rosado January 22, 2017

10 Things to Lose More Weight  - Step 1: I HAD TO STOP THINKING I KNEW EVERYTHING

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I’d been overweight or obese (or morbidly obese) my entire life when I realized I would die if I didn't change.

I'd tried every possible diet scheme out there.

You've never met somebody with more opinions about how to lose weight than me... when I was 400 pounds!

Here's a tip: Don’t take weight loss advice from someone who hasn't managed to master it herself.

I’d tried all the strip-mall diet options (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, etc.), I’d tried all the books (The Zone, Atkins, Miami Beach, etc.) I’d studied so much about diet plans that I was truly an expert at the mechanics.

I just couldn't make it work for me.


Because losing weight isn't about knowing WHAT to do, although that’s a component, it’s about knowing HOW to do it... Knowing how to execute it in your daily life when the break room donuts are staring you in the face every morning.

And to do that I needed some help – a course in behavioral conditioning, because I certainly didn't know how to reprogram my habits and mind to eating right and regularly exercising.

Finally, in frustration, I went to my doctor, and she recommended a medically monitored weight loss program being run by a team of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and behaviorists.

That was exactly what I needed. It’s not what everybody needs, but for me it was the silver bullet.

I’d finally found what worked for me – reprogramming my life with guidance, and I needed a team of professionals to help me on that path.

Because I had solid evidence to show that I sure as hell didn't know how to do that myself!

So what do you need?

Don’t tell me you know what to do, tell me, do you know HOW to do it?

If you don't, who can help you? Where can you get the tools you need?

I’m excited to share this TEN THINGS series with you. I look forward to the conversation it creates.

It’s 100% possible to lose 200+ lbs... and keep it off.

I'm living proof.

Let's do this!

Amanda Rosado
Amanda Rosado


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