10 Things to Lose More Weight – Step 4: Exercise: What It's For... and What It's Not!

by Amanda Rosado January 30, 2017

10 Things to Lose More Weight  – Step 4: Exercise: What It's For... and What It's Not!

Prior to starting my journey to lose 200 pounds and keep it off, I understood intellectually that exercise was important, but it wasn’t something I committed to in any real fashion.

I did it sporadically when it was comfortable or convenient, but I wasn’t quite sure what it was for to be honest, since I knew I could exercise regularly without any results on the scale.

As I lost I began to understand this:

Diet is for weight loss, exercise is for fitness.

I discovered that since there’s no way you can ever exercise enough to make up for a bad diet, most of your weight loss “bang for the buck” has to come from just not eating the cheesecake in the first place!

Instead of exercising away the giant burrito from the roach coach, don’t eat it in the first place! It’s so much easier!

Then, when you go to the gym you can use exercise for what it’s meant for, better health, getting fit and feeling sexy!

Don’t get me wrong, exercise is a vital component of my weight loss and weight management program, but I don’t rely on it for the heavy lifting, so to speak.

I rely on it to tie things together and keep me on track – admit it, when you’re exercising regularly you’re MUCH less likely to cheat on your diet! It just doesn’t seem worth it!

So I tried everything, walking, biking, hiking, kayaking, weightlifting and kickboxing.

As I was losing the weight, I had a policy of saying YES to every type of exercise I could find, in order to find one that would stick with me.

I found it, too, but I still try new things every chance I get.

Every form of exercise makes you feel good and powerful and alive in a different way!

What have you tried that you loved, lately?

Amanda Rosado
Amanda Rosado


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