TRY Beach “Booty Scooty” Boot-Camp

by Chris Miquel February 06, 2017

TRY Beach “Booty Scooty” Boot-Camp

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What’s the big diff between a regular fitness experience... and a BEACH WORKOUT?!?

Well, last Saturday, I found out... and I’m COMING BACK FOR MORE.

A friend of mine, who happens to be a trainer, who ALSO happens to be the Director of Get Your FIT Together invited me to one of his boot-camp workouts.

Roland Roth, along with his wife Tina, founded TRY (Tina, Roland and YOU! Cute, right?!) and TRY is all about amazing yourself! When Roland asked me to come to his boot-camp, I had just finished taking his brutal (but AWESOME) Spin class – so I knew that I wasn't going to get off easy at any workout that he was commanding. I agreed... and then he told me it was on the beach.

I promptly asked if the class came with a complimentary wheelchair that I knew I would need immediately following any sort of activity (other than lounging) on the beach. Roland told me he believed in me and at 6am on Saturday morning, I said goodbye to my warm bed and headed to the beach.

Roland is really good at motivating people to push beyond what they think they are capable of... so I knew if I was ever going to get through a beach boot-camp it would have to be with him. We warmed up – jogging in the sand and running the stairs to the nearby Juno Beach pier, followed by Bear Crawls, Burpees, Push-Ups and Crunches – all in the incredibly soft South Florida sand.

I was sandy from head to toe before I could protest.

The majority of our hour was devoted to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout in teams of three. We worked really hard to get our heart rate up with an exercise for a minute or two (like running in the sand) and then “recover” (by doing Push-Ups) on the next activity for a minute.

The word “recover”, of course, was used VERY lightly in these workouts and I can tell you my heart was pounding the entire hour and nothing even close to “recovery” occurred.

Each member of the team would start with one activity – Side Steps, Bicep Curls, Sit-Ups, Suicide Sprints, Burpees, the list goes on – and then we would rotate through each exercise twice.

By the third round, all twelve of us were begging for mercy. Roland was pushing us past our limit, telling us to dig within ourselves and try just a little bit harder. He believed in us and encouraged us to motivate our teammates.

Roland took us through one intense interval after another; at one point telling us that if we were in the woods, that he would lead us to safety. Always encouraging, and yelling motivating nonsense like, “I am your SHERPA!” as we all gasped for air and laughed at his uniquely perfect brand of insane.

At the end of the running and crawling and struggling we reveled in our sand-covered accomplishment.

Twelve people took on the TRY Booty Scooty Beach Boot Camp and lived to tell the tale.

We all ran down to the ocean and swam the pain away in the cool, salty water, congratulating one another on surviving and dreaming of breakfasts to come.

Boot-camp on the beach is HARD, folks! But making it through the hour made me realize how much more I am capable of, and what I wimp I had been in the past. Because Roland talked me into boot-camp on the beach and out of my comfort zone, I was able to see just how strong I really am, and that is totally awesome!

It’s all about finding a great trainer that you sync with... if you try one and it doesn't work, TRY another! 

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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