UN-Dress For Success... Active Apparel ROCKS!

by Chris Miquel January 31, 2017

UN-Dress For Success... Active Apparel ROCKS!

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Your Mom Called - You Left Your Game at Home

I am not exactly shy, so when I’m faced with the choice between something boring and something borderline ridiculous – I’m obviously going the ridiculous route.

I think having a unique point of view is way more fun than having no point of view at all. I think the great people at Activate Apparel, probably have a similar outlook on life, and they love a good t-shirt just as much as I do.

Activate Apparel is my go-to for all workout shirts and every time I wear something from them, I get compliments, laughs and most importantly, motivation!

Having awesome workout gear makes me excited to wear it, which makes me pull it out of my closet more often, which gets me off my butt. WIN! It’s my sneaky way of staying motivated, and it totally works!

T-Rex Loves Chaturanga

Hakuna Masquata - It Means Nice Booty

Sloth Running Team - Let's Nap Instead

I'd Flex, But I Like This Shirt

Activate Apparel stands apart from the crowd with their high-quality cotton shirts that are “favorite t-shirt” soft and affordable. For me, the best part about the company is their affinity for all things success, hilarious, nerdy, and awesome.

They really embrace the lighter side of life and I am a big fan of not being too serious.

They have something for everyone! Visit them and be a part of the awesome t-shirt revolution – your workout will thank you!

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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