My BEEF With CHUCK (Taylor)

by Chris Miquel January 31, 2017

My BEEF With CHUCK (Taylor)

Far too many times do I go in the gym and see around a dozen or more people wearing

the worst gym shoe EVER invented.

Yeah, I said it. The Chuck Taylors.

And it doesn’t matter how they dress it up... it’s still a lame-ass shoe.

It’s uncomfortable, It doesn’t offer any ankle support and It doesn’t offer any or arch support... yet it still manages to make it on the feet of real athletes at an alarming rate. Why?!? Because they are trendy.

Many people wear them on leg days.

The flat surface is perfect for squats, deadlifts and the leg press machine, but what happens if that ankle slips?

I’ll tell you.

3 months of NOT doing any of these exercises all because you wanted to fit in.

Chuck Taylors are the official shoe of “fitting in”.

In my business life, I am an Art Director and I pay a lot of attention to trends and fashion... so I get it. But getting it doesn’t equate to agreeing with it.

• Having a lazy day? Wear Chucks.

• Getting married and you want it to not be too formal? Wear Chucks.

• You’re a tattoo artist? Wear Chucks.

• You’re a boring accountant that wants to show your fun side?

Wear Chucks. See where I’m going with this?

I guess if you don’t mind dressing like the guy who’s using the curl bar to bench-press, then go ahead. But if you are at the very least taking yourself at all seriously, please consider dumping these out of your wardrobe. It’s just not that good of a shoe to risk slipping an Achilles tendon or twisting an ankle. If you knew better, you’d do better.

But... with all that said...

I own three pairs.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, internet marketer, and founder of Get Your Fit Together who was an out of shape father who is finally Getting His Fit Together. He started the publication in hopes of empowering a Fitter, Healthier, and Happier You!

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