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So. What are the ingredients in a protein shake?

• Fructose (sugar)
• water
• ascorbic acid
• citric acid
• enzyme protein
• zinc… and more!

Well, guess what??

We just listed the ingredients in male semen!!!

Wait. What?!

I’m not saying go down south when you need your pre-workout or post-workout protein fix, but it’s pretty cool to think that it’s not wasted calories.

As a matter of fact, the caloric content of the average ejaculation is approximately 5 to 25 calories, and not fattening at all.

Guys: take note. (Sorry ladies... and guys who are into guys!)

Although it has vitamins and minerals such as

• Vitamin C
• Vitamin B12
• Calcium, and
• Lactic acid, amongst others…

…the levels of these compounds vary depending on age, weight, diet & exercise.

Semen is actually equivalent to one egg white. Since the average ejaculation is about 1 tsp, it’s hardly going to make it on the food pyramid.

semen cups

What are the alleged health benefits of semen?

• Natural anti-depressant (more so for the receiver)
• Natural anxiety reducer
• Improves quality of sleep (because of all of your hard work perhaps?)
• Increase energy (maybe not for the giver)
• Improves memory

Don’t get all excited guys!

These are not proven facts, just preliminary findings.

If you want to further research on semen and its benefits, or find ways to improve the taste, go to your local bookstore and check out the book Semenology - The Semen Bartender's Handbook.

semenology glass Are you ready for this?

It’s a book with a variety of alcohol recipes mixed with semen!!

No, I do not own this book, but I do foresee a trip to this link... just to see what they are suggesting.

Because... why not??

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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