Increase Sexual Stamina... NATURALLY!

by Chris Miquel November 10, 2017

Increase Sexual Stamina... NATURALLY!


Here are a few tips to increase sexual stamina... without medications.

Pretty much every guy worries they can’t perform to 100%, or last as long as their partner would like... in the bedroom or anywhere for that matter.

Men would like to last as long as possible, regardless of the partners thoughts.

Early ejaculation affects millions of men, and in the end, could cost a lot of money and a lot of time to treat.

Plus, most guys are too embarrassed to even discuss this with anyone.

Here are a few tips to increase sexual stamina without medications:


No, I’m being serious! This is very healthy, natural, and a take charge kind of way to control your sexual response. Masturbation will help you get more comfortable and relaxed during intercourse because it will help make you more aware of your sexual highs and lows. It will allow you the practice of slowing down and scaling back your response time, and thus easing early ejaculation.


Men seem to think that if they last longer, their partner will have a better time and reach orgasm. However, the truth remains, most women can’t even reach orgasm from intercourse alone. So instead of worrying about lasting long enough, try to focus on foreplay, and what makes you both feel good. Foreplay would help her reach orgasm, and will allow you to delay your completion, increasing your sexual stamina.


There was a study done in The Journal of Sexual Medicine that found lubrication used with condoms helped men last longer than the men who did not use lubrication. Just remember, use water-based lubricants, not oil-based. Oil-based lubes tend to break the condom down.


Stop worrying and just stay focused on your... ultimate goal.


Alcohol seriously affects your sexual hormones in a negative way.


Massage your groin area. This will allow blood to flow more readily to that region during sexual play time.


No one wants cramping during playtime. Regularly stretch your legs, it could even make you more flexible and heighten you sexual experience.

Still worried? Think about what your expectations are.

Have you brought the topic up to your partner?

Most men think that lasting for hours is what most women want. However, from a woman’s perspective, a drawn-out sex-sesh isn’t always what we want. (Sorry guys!)

It’s been sighted that most couples have sex for 7.3 minutes... of course, this does not include foreplay.

So, it’s not always sexual stamina that makes for a great sex-capade!

Try adding passion, romance, and excitement into your playtime. Spice things up by adding some variety with different positions, role playing and oral sex along with intercourse.

Both men and women desire satisfying sex lives.

Talk to your partner, maybe a quickie is all she really wants and desires.

Get things going... naturally!

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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