5 Fitness MYTHS!

by Chris Miquel March 06, 2017

5 Fitness MYTHS!

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We have all fallen for the latest fad, half-truth or fitness myth at one time or another.

I know I have and may have even passed some on to a few people.


When we first begin our healthy lifestyle, we are sponges researching, asking friends, asking colleagues and even asking professionals...

and then believing these myths, falsehoods and half-truths from everyone.

Seriously though, isn't just getting our booties to the gym enough?! Now we have to determine what's really true, totally FALSE, or just an exaggeration?

Sometimes a myth is actually a half-truth.

It may work for me, or someone else, but not necessarily for you. This may lead to poor nutrition choices and unsafe workouts, which could cause an injury.

Let’s Put A Stop To These 5 Fitness MYTHS, Once And For All!

• Myth #1: Do 100 or more crunches every morning and night in order to get rid of belly fat and get a six-pack!

Um no, not quite!

Crunches do not get rid of belly fat. We don’t get to spot-choose our fat loss.

Abs are made in the kitchen and require a cardio and strength training program in order to get rid of overall body fat, including the tummy area.

So... sleep-in, and don’t waste your time with those morning crunches.

• Myth #2: Doing aerobic activity will increase your metabolism for hours after you finish your workout!

This is an exaggeration.

Yes, you will continue to burn SOME calories, but maybe a total of 20 to 30 calories, not as significant as after a strength training workout.

Do not count these in your daily calorie burn.

• Myth #3: If you're not sweating, you're not working hard enough!

I have heard this so often, "I worked so hard, I can wring out a cup of water from my shirt."

Well, I hate to break it to you but sweating is the way our body cools itself.

Some people sweat a lot, and some barely sweat at all. You can burn a lot of calories... and never break a sweat.

• Myth #4: Stretching BEFORE your workout will help prevent injury!

Stretching is actually only extremely important AFTER your workout.

Stretching will not improve your range of motion.

A warm-up that gets your blood flowing, is, the best bet BEFORE a workout.

• Myth #5: Lifting weights will make you big and bulky!

This is one of my favorite myths! It drives me crazy!!

I lift daily and I am not big or bulky.

Men get big and bulky because they produce 20 to 30 times more testosterone than women (good thing). In order for women to get that "She-Hulk" look, we would require a sort of hormonal imbalance, whether genetically or synthetically.

However, when bulking up using a synthetic hormone, there are some negatives, such as, facial hair, frequent skin issues and your voice will change/deepen.

No thank you! I'll pass.

I will continue to bust these myths and half-truths every week!

Check back read to about the next 5 crazy myths that are floating around the gym, office and Internet! 

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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