R8 by Roll Recovery

by Chris Miquel March 06, 2017

R8 by Roll Recovery

Photo Credit: Dave Starr

I’m a cyclist.

What that means is I detest stretching.

Do you detest stretching? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be a cyclist to detest stretching. I’d honestly rather ride fifty miles than stretch for ten minutes. I wonder if I’m uber sore after cycling and stretching more because of the stretching than cycling.


I found this new device at Run & Roll in West Palm Beach that has REVOLUTIONIZE my angst with stretching.

It’s called the “R8” and it’s by a company called Roll Recovery.

I am not a paid spokesperson... which should make my full endorsement all the more legit!

When I first saw it I didn’t know if it was a collapsible Rollerblade or if it was something out of one of the further/more advanced volumes of 50 Shades of Grey.

Then Patti, the owner of Run & Roll, suggested I try it...



In a nutshell:

you pull on the handles on the sides to make the center part expand out, put your upper leg (or lower leg) in the middle, roll the wheels up and down your leg and prepare to have an orgasmic stretch sesh with your quads, hammies, calves, and more!    

Basically you’re massaging your muscles, which is awesome.

Benefits of a good post-workout massage include, reduced inflammation, break-up of muscle adhesions, stimulation of blood circulation and reduced recovery time. According to the manufacturer, you can target all of the following:

• Quads
• Hamstrings
• IT-bands
• Gluteus
• Calves
• Shins
• Hip-flexors and more

What I love the most about the R8 is that it does the work for me.

Massaging my own legs sucks. It’s hard. This bad boy does it for me.

And what cyclist doesn’t want to stretch a little bit more?

To check out the R8 visit Run & Roll on Clematis in West Palm Beach or check it out here

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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