Is Less Really More? Or Is More Really Less?

by Chris Miquel March 05, 2017

Is Less Really More? Or Is More Really Less?

According to our favorite Iron Woman and total badass Patti from Run & Roll, the trend in running shoes went from being super minimalistic to Herman Munster extra, extra, extra cushioned.

While the whole close-to-barefoot running trend is still in full effect, the Herman Munster wave is slowly creeping up and gaining traction.

So how do you choose which trend will work for you? Unfortunately, I’m not going to help you answer that question, BUT I can tell you which ones are Patti’s favorites and ones I’ve tried on in each category.

Hoka One One Women's Conquest Pink/Castlerock/Citrus 8 M US

These shoes literally look like you’re wearing platforms due to the 3-inch sole.

According to Hoka, the Conquest running shoes offer maximal cushioning (duh....) with an rMat midsole that promotes accurate foot roll.

The highly breathable, no-sew upper construction of these shoes provides a seamless and secure fit. The Conquest even features a water drainage system.

Yep...we’re still talking about running shoes here.

When I tried on a pair:

The foot roll was the first thing I noticed.

It seriously led my foot to a perfect stride.

These shoes also felt super lightweight despite how massive the “platform” appeared.

The makers of these shoes believe that “Humans were made to run, but not on pavement.”

Sorry minimalist advocates, but I’m gonna have to agree with Hoka on this one.

Adidas Women's Energy Boost 2.0 Running Shoes Blue/blue Size 7.5

After trying on the first pair, there was a definite, noticeable difference on these, and I don’t mean difference in a bad way here.

These shoes were lighter, softer and bouncier. With a sock-like fit, I could feel the shoe stretching to accommodate for my stride vs. the shoe guiding me to the perfect stride.

Adidas also created something called a TPU cage that actually gives the foot stability.

While the Hoka’s had pretty good stability for being a “platform” type shoe, the Adidas definitely had my vote on the stability factor.

In my opinion, the Hoka’s are better for beginners looking to start running the right way while the Adidas Energy Boosts are great for those looking to take their run game to the next level.

Either way, Patti was right on the money with these two picks.

Both shoes are awesome and get my two thumbs up.

Which style running shoes do you prefer? Minimalist or more cushioned? 

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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