Instant Travel Workout? Here You Go!

by Allen Gil September 25, 2014

Instant Travel Workout? Here You Go!

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If you’re out of town and need a travel workout that’s short and sweet, but very effective, keep reading... I’ve got you covered!

Below I’ve given you a short, very simple 20-30 minute total body work out that you can do anywhere, at anytime and all you’ll need is your own body.

Before you begin, there’s a few things you’ll need to know first.

• This workout is assuming you are in good health and are cleared to exercise by your physician.

• If you’re not clear on what proper form looks like for any of these exercises, click on the links to find out what the correct form looks like.

• This workout isn’t a 1 hitter quitter!

In other words, the workout doesn’t “STOP” working after you’ve done it once, you can repeat this workout as many times as you’d like and it’ll still be effective!

Alright here you go (each tab is a link to a video demo-ing proper technique!): 25 of Each:




squat squat

Push Ups

travel pushup

Sit ups

travel situp


x4 Rounds

This simple set of exercises are commonly used but are very fundamental and effective.

Remember, it doesn’t need to be overly complicated for you to get a great workout, the simpler the better!

You can also modify this workout to be more challenging by simply adding weights, holding a dumbbell in each hand would work great!

If you need to make it easier for yourself, just start off with 1 round and then increase your # of rounds gradually.

Either way, approach this workout with intensity and challenge yourself.

If you want results, you’ll need to push your limits!

Good Luck, and let me know how it goes!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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