6 Tips To Be Health-Conscious… on Vacation!

by Amanda Rosado January 21, 2017

6 Tips To Be Health-Conscious… on Vacation!

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Traveling for fun and pleasure is probably easier than traveling for work, because you tend to have a little more control over the environments you find yourself in.

Here Are 6 Tips For Being A WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PRO On Vacation!

1. Carry a Notebook

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So you can write down the foods you eat... or use an app on your phone like My Fitness Pal.

2. Walk Your Butt Off!

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The nice thing about traveling for pleasure is that you can get a lot of exercise – walking all day long, up and down museums, through attractions, and in and out of shops. Get some walking shoes and, well, walk!

That’s a lot of exercise that you didn’t have to make any extra effort to fit into your schedule!

3. Control Your Behavior, Because You Can’t Control Your Environment

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If you need a snack look for a coffee shop or sandwich shop and search for things on the menu that will be supportive of your goals, like a soup, salad or fresh fruit.

Don’t wander idly into candy and chocolate shops and ogle the wares.

Don’t sidle up to sidewalk hot dog vendors and sniff longingly after their goods.

4. Search Out A Fruit And Veggie Stand On Your Wanderings!

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The local produce might surprise you with things you’ve never tried before, and you can stock up a small backpack or bag with healthy snacks - things you already love and soon-to-be favorites.

You can usually find a produce stand no matter where you are in the world!

If nothing else, a grocery store will also serve this purpose.

5. Find Lodgings Where You Can Cook For Yourself – Hostels, Apts And Long-Term-Stay Hotels.

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All of these lodgings provide full kitchens for the use of their guests.

Then you can find the local grocery and make yourself healthy, supportive meals using local ingredients.

6. The Fitness Center

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If you’re not getting enough walking on your adventures, most hotels these days have a fitness center where you can burn off those extra calories.

Use this as a last resort... remember when I wrote that it was easier to just not eat that slice of cheesecake than it is to burn it off through exercise?

Still true.

All of this is not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy a fancy meal out or sweet treat occasionally while on vacation!

Enjoy a splurge now and again, just try not to make it every meal.

Focus on the new experiences and adventures you’re having and let splurging be only an occasional indulgence – you might enjoy it even more that way!

Have a great time!

Amanda Rosado
Amanda Rosado


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