Burn 30% More Cals (w/o Working Out Or Pills!)

by Chris Miquel February 13, 2017

Burn 30% More Cals (w/o Working Out Or Pills!)

Your body has a marvelous, metabolically-active tissue, called


Your body also has the most powerful organ on the planet,


The problem is, most of us leave huge swaths of this muscle dormant throughout most of our days.

We live

  • hunched and slumped,
  • weak and unaware.

We don’t think at all about what our body is doing, how we are moving.

All you have to do to burn 30% more calories is

  • lift your heart up and
  • engage your core muscles (your butt, abdominal core, and back)

to dial in this fat-burning-furnace part of your body.

 Stretch your metabolism

Try it right now.

  • Park your hips under your spine by sitting on your butt (sits) bones
  • Draw your belly button into your spine
  • Pull your shoulder blades back and away from your ears
  • Lift your head up like someone is pulling you up by a few hairs on your head, and
  • Tuck your chin.
  • Now take a deep breath into your belly.

You just increased your metabolism, and if you can build a habit out of this, you will be a healthier, happier person.

Not only will you be on your way to losing weight, toning your muscle, but you will also prevent pain and injury, increase oxygen/blood flow to the muscles and your brain (by breathing deeper), and you will instantly be stronger, more confident and sexier with a slimmer physique.

Now this is just sitting/standing/regular everyday life we’re talking about here.

Imagine if you do this while working out.

There have been studies showing how when participants simply think about the muscles they want to work: they are able to increase the contraction and activity.

You can get better results by practicing good posture and movement while you workout too.

If you don’t want to do all the learning and training yourself, fast track it and find a pro who knows how this works and can teach, train, and remind you to develop this practice your long term success.

Take that evil diet pill/fake fitness industry!

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


Chris is a serial entrepreneur, internet marketer, and founder of Get Your Fit Together who was an out of shape father who is finally Getting His Fit Together. He started the publication in hopes of empowering a Fitter, Healthier, and Happier You!

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