3 HOT Gym Clothing Lines! (Plus: EXCLUSIVE Discounts for GYFT Readers!!!)

by Chris Miquel February 08, 2017

3 HOT Gym Clothing Lines! (Plus: EXCLUSIVE Discounts for GYFT Readers!!!)

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Good quality gym clothes that are not just functional...

but make you look good...

are hard to come by.

I don't know about you, but when I LOOK good, I FEEL good.

I like to train in the mirror and if my outfit isn't on point (or as close to the point as I can get at 5:30am), my workouts suffer due to lack of motivation.

Gym clothes that flatter, move with you, and are comfortable BUT are attractive at the same time is what we are all after at the end of the day.

I've compiled a list of my THREE FAV WORKOUT-GEARED CLOTHING BRANDS that are awesome in so many ways.

BUT WAIT...THERE'S MORE: ALL THREE of these companies generously gave exclusive discount codes for the readers of GetYourFITTogether.org so you too can try out the awesomeness that are these workout clothes, but for less!

AND there's something for EVERYBODY!

1. The Drive Clothing

This awesome company has tees and tanks for people who have THE DRIVE.

• I like this brand a lot because their clothes are also street-wearable and have many different styles for both guys and gals.

• These clothes are for the gym-goers with an edge and I guarantee you other people will be jealous of the bad-ass design on your tank or tee.

Do you have the drive?

Visit the link above and get 10% off with this code: nodrivenohustle

2. Abs2b Fitness Apparel

tights hot

Ladies. Ladies. LADIES.

Let me tell you that I have found the legging of all leggings for working out.

• They are NOT see-through.

• They stretch with you AND they look AMAZING on.

• But, aside from all those great qualities...

the designs that are available are to die for.

Crazy prints and patterns that make your booty POP in the best of ways. You'll just have to try them out for yourself.

Visit the link above and get 15% off with this code: Mandifit

3. Fitwear

fitwear nz

This apparel company based out of New Zealand (but ships internationally) has the coolest

• stringer tanks (for that classic "gym" look),

• tees,

• booty shorts, and

• sweats for both males and females.

Looking for a "She Squats Bro" tank?

This is the place.

Looking for comfy sweats that you can actually workout in?

Yep. Fitwear.

They also have other cool stuff like snapbacks and hoodies that are also versatile for in and out of the gym.

Visit the link above and get 10% off with this code: GYFT10

I've now given you all the tools to NOT look like a tool at the gym.

Want to feel HOT?

Try out these companies and let me know what you think!

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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