5 Different FIT/SEXY Bachelorette Party Ideas!

by Chris Miquel February 09, 2017

5 Different FIT/SEXY Bachelorette Party Ideas!

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Are you a bride-to-be who wouldn’t mind skipping the male-anatomy-themed drunken debauchery and would rather just have fun with your best gal pals?

Perhaps you’re planning a Bachelorette Party for your fitness-junkie friend?

Or maybe you’re just looking for a way to feel smokin’ hot while you sizzle calories...

Look no further than these fun/sexy/edgy workout ideas!

These are perfect for a fun bonding session with your friends that will have you energized rather than full of regret the next day!

And you’ll go down in history for coolest Bachelorette Party ever.

1. Pole-Dancing Classes!

Arm your bff with moves her partner will appreciate and get an awesome workout in the process!

Check out sfactor.com and frommindtobody.com for classes in many major metro areas – including group and party sessions.

If your bride is a little more modest, host the session at your house with Exotic Dance - Private Dancer, with Lady M (An exotic dance how-to for pros and amateurs, includes complete lap dance training)... and use this great video as your guide!

Fun, laid back, and totally sexy.

A great way for your bride to burn off steam – and calories – to get ready for wedding day.

2. Trapeze Lessons!

Get schooled by a super ripped dude... preferably shirtless.

Even if you’re not so lucky, you’ll get an amazing upper body and core workout and have a great time hanging upside down from bars and doing backflips!

Check out The Trapeze School of New York, which has locations in multiple U.S. cities.

3. AIR Aerial Fitness!

Pricy, yes, but AIR Aerial Fitness offers you and your friends a private 50-minute class that lets you embrace your inner Houdini, with staff on hand to capture it all on film.

The program touts lean long muscles in record time, and you’ll be the talk of (everyone’s) town for the next week. Check them out on Instagram, too!

4. Yoga for Weddings!

The Los Angeles-based company Yoga for Weddings offers private yoga-themed bachelorette parties and bridal showers in many U.S. cities and in the U.K.

Teachers can also travel to your destination.

Demand is skyrocketing at many of these studios.

5. Themed Running Races!

Funky and odd running events are popping up all over the country – including the likes of color runs, mud runs, and even naked runs, as discussed in my recent GYFT article!

Have a blast and indulge in some cocktails at the finish line!

What other fitness-related bachelorette party ideas have you heard of? 

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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