10 Signs You're In a Healthy Relationship!

by Chris Miquel February 10, 2017

10 Signs You're In a Healthy Relationship!

It’s not rocket science... until it is! How many of these do you do with your boo-boo? Check these 10 signs you're in a healthy relationship to keep that fire burning.

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1. Healthy Couples Do Their Own Thing!

Let’s be real here folks, I could go on and on about the idealist fantasies that every twenty-something wants to believe will happen when they get married, but the reality is we all do our own thing in the end. We balance together time with personal space-time... and love both!


2. They Compromise When Necessary.

Especially on the little things, like room temperature! Sometimes I freeze and sometimes he sweats. It’s a give and take and not always a “take “on my side. Give in a little and you’ll both be happier for it.

3. They Accept that their Partner has a Different POV.

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Every couple is different and every person has a unique set of standards and moral beliefs that they abide by. Sure, we can force our partner to abide by our standards but is that something we do “together” or is it something we do in spite of the other?

A couple’s therapist helping with standards is very healthy and certainly something a healthy couple would gladly engage in so that their marriage doesn’t fall victim to the “well we just couldn’t get it together and always disagree” pitfall.

4. Healthy Couples Know There Are Tough Times.

Sometimes a relationship is a kick in the gut that makes you want to dry heave. Too heavy? Sorry, but it’s the truth. Couples hurt each other, period. However, healthy couples realize they are human and make mistakes. They accept the heartfelt apology given by their partner and learn to grow into better people, TOGETHER.


5. Healthy Couples Continue to Love Each Other as they Age.

We age; we ALL age. Sure, men are congratulated with gray hair and wrinkles and put on the People Magazine sexiest man alive list for it, but your partner doesn't resent you for that. You don't mention each others' fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. And trust me, she appreciates that you don’t mention that her ass hangs a good two inches lower than it did last year.


6. They Participate in Activities that they Both Enjoy.

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Plus, they will do their darnedest to make sure that show or activity has precedence over their own personal preferences. This goes with the caveat that it is not during a sports season.

7. They Don't Have to Sleep in Each Other’s Faces Throughout the Night.

I don’t need to breath your stank breath and you don’t need to breath mine. Just because I snuggled his sweaty back for half the night does not mean he needs to return the favor and end up with a dead arm and jacked up neck trying to cuddle me... although I do like it... (Hint, hint.)


8. Healthy Couples Know When to Give Space and When to Barge In During Bathroom Time

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However, they understand that the other may not ever be ok with it and it’s cool. Personally I can walk in on my husband and he doesn’t even flinch. I can have a conversation with him while he is in the middle of a battle with his “tight-end” (my little football joke), and not a thought of it. However, he knows I only claim to release pixie dust from my rear end so there will be no walking in on my bathroom time. We have come to a nonverbal understanding and frankly I think he would prefer it that way too.

9. Healthy Couples Find Time to Make Each Other Laugh!

They say laughing is the key to a happy life, right? Happy couples are not afraid to be silly in front of each other, look a fool if necessary. When we’ve a have bad day, why not act a fool sometimes and let your partner laugh at you. If it makes them happy it will make you happy!


10. “Happy Wife, Happy Life”...is Truer than You may Think.

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However, I would like to change it to “Happy Partner Happy Life" but that doesn’t sound as cool or catchy. My point is, healthy couples make this a priority.

If my partner is happy I will be happy.

• I can do my own thing
• I can compromise
• I can accept they have a different point of view
• I can accept that my wife’s ass is falling below the equator
• I can sleep on my own side of the bed
• AND I can have a happy life because I ensure my partner is happy.

There you have it. It’s not sexy, it’s not fantasy or dreamy... it’s reality.

Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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