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So you read “Born to Run” (which is an awesome book), and you made the connection:

“Hey! I wasn’t born with these Keds on my feet! I should run barefoot, or switch to a minimalist running shoe, and I can finally unleash all of my untapped potential and transform my performance!”

What you’re not thinking about is how you got those PUMA strapped on your feet when you were 3 months old and you’ve had ‘em on ever since.

puma baby shoes

• Your tissues, muscles, even bones have adapted to the shoes.
• Your heel cords have shortened, not to mention
• You’ve now got other muscle imbalances enhancing the problem.

This can and will lead to chronic foot problems like the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

plantar barefoot

Like any chronic foot pain that will stop you in your tracks, if you don't play it smart you risk developing life-long issues that will rob you of your freedom.

The right plan is to drop down a few mm heel-to-toe differential at a time over the course of a year.

• Stretch like a maniac,
• strengthen your core musculature, glutes, and shock absorbers

...slowly but surely.

Practice running barefoot on grass and get a good pose running coach.

barefoot running grass girl

Do it the right way:

• Second: VOLUME

Before you know it you’ll be a barefoot/minimalist ninja road warrior, at one with the earth and your body.

Do it the wrong way and you’ll be an sore, angry runner wearing moon boot type shoes and cursing the agile barefoot/minimalists for the rest of your days.

Ready to begin the transition? Check out Inov-8 Shoes. They're the industry leader and the best bang for your barefoot-running buck!

inov-8 shoes!

In fact, here's a great page on their site that talks all about heel-to-toe differential. Check it out! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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