SLAP Nutrition's "Slapuccino"... YUM!

by Allen Gil October 17, 2014

SLAP Nutrition's "Slapuccino"... YUM!

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To put it bluntly, coffee is the key to my existence in the mornings.

When I don't have my daily dose of some espresso coffee iced (but sometimes hot) beverage...

I am dead to the world.

So naturally when I heard about this up-and-coming fitness nutrition supplement company, Slap Nutrition, coming out with a coffee pre-workout, I just about cried of happiness.

I got right on their pre-order list and before I knew it, a little bundle of joy in the form of a brown/tan plastic container was at my door.

Now before I go on about how I feel about this product, I'd like to add that the reason I began following this company is because they pride themselves on the fact

• that their ingredients are clean (so you're not consuming weird doses of weird chemically grossness).

the clean bean

In my opinion, that's HUGE. I like knowing what I am putting in my system. Am I right? Packed with beta-alanine and sweetened with stevia. Perf.

When I opened the container, it smelled like a combination of a sweet coffee drink combined with the heavens above.

OMG, I thought.

smelling coffee

I put a scoop in my hot pink blender bottle (because I would have a hot pink one) and shook, shook, shook it up, baby!

First sip: WOW.

• Definitely tasted a lot different than what I was used to.
• Kind of like a sweetened iced coffee.
• I got a chocolaty mocha-y vibe and I liked it.
• Based on taste, I give it a 10 out of 10 (on my “Pre-workout Scale of Yum”).

Now, the texture I wasn't so sure about. It took quite a bit of shaking for it to dissolve completely and I hate chunks in any drink (unless it’s like cookie chunks in a milkshake....I mean what?).

I guess in the sense that the company probably had intentions of making it more like a thicker coffee drink, it was pretty dead on.

I loved the taste though and definitely want to use this product, so next time, I'll probably blend it up with some ice and water in my Ninja Master Prep Blender and sip on it casually that way, a Slapuccino Frappuccino, if you will.


coffee bean cup

Overall, I would recommend this product to other coffee and gym lovers, like myself.

If you're looking for a product that's

• effective,
• still gives you tingles,
• a boost of energy, and
• that extra “pump” at the gym,
• all while knowing what nutrients you are putting in your body, then this is the right pre-workout for you.

I'd like to try their proteins, as I've heard great things (maybe their whey review coming soon?).

You can visit Slap Nutrition at

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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