Got Sleep? Why Rest/Recovery Matters!

by Allen Gil October 21, 2014

Got Sleep? Why Rest/Recovery Matters!

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This is not for the 20% of people who don’t need the motivation to get that extra workout in.

This is for the 60% of people who need help getting their 7, 8, 9 hours of sleep in.

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This is for the majority of people who are too jacked up on coffee, stimulants, pre-workouts, to give their bodies a chance to recover and rebuild.

This is for all of us fiends who need a friendly reminder to REST.

• The truth is most of us could work harder, more consistently.
• But we ain’t robots, we are cyclical creatures who need to rejuvenate so we can come back stronger, slimmer, and sexier tomorrow.
• If we don’t get our R & R, then we are in trouble.

Some of us struggle with listening to our bodies, struggle with taking the day for rest, active recovery, or stretching and decompressing.

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Strategic de-conditioning is something top performers do.

• They know they need to take their foot off the gas every once in a while

(i.e. 1 day week, 1 week easy every 4 - 8 weeks hard).

The body:

• grows,
• burns fat, and
• breaks through plateaus

while sleeping, resting and recovering.

If you choose to ignore this message and continue driving yourself into the ground you will plateau and eventually get injured or sick which sets you back while you figure out how to get some rest.

So good night, good rest, and GREAT results! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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