5 Foods For (Better) Thought... And (Better) Sex!

by Allen Gil October 22, 2014

5 Foods For (Better) Thought... And (Better) Sex!

Have you lost that passion and sizzle in your sex life?

Have you and your partner tried to change sexual positions or possibly the ambiance?

Well, how about changing your foods?

Food can definitely help set the mood.

A romantic dinner with certain foods can lead to better sex.

Studies have shown that some of the vitamins and components in certain foods can enhance sexual function and sexual experience.

So discuss with your lovah these 5 foods that can enhance your sex life:

1. Avocados

avocado aphrodisiac lastoneeating.files.wordpress.com

Avocados are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fat, making them good for your heart.

It keeps your heart beating strong, which helps blood flow to the right places.

As a matter of fact, men with heart disease are twice as likely to suffer from ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

2. Strawberries

sexy strawberries tokyowinematters.files.wordpress.com

RED is Sexy!!!

Red is the color of fire, which is hot!

Studies have found that men find women that are wearing red are sexier an opposed to yellow or blue.

Let’s take it up a notch, and let’s dip the strawberries in dark chocolate...and feed one another!

The chocolate is full of libido-boosting vitamins; hence the reason chocolate- covered strawberries are so popular at Valentine’s Day!

3. Oysters

eating oysters i.huffpost.com

We all know that oysters are an aphrodisiac (thanks to the resemblance of the female vaginal region).

But did you know oysters also have zinc which is one of the best libido boosting minerals? It’s true!

• Zinc is important for sperm reproduction and blood flow.

So, next time you're eating oysters at a restaurant, ask for a double order!

4. Almonds

sexy almonds chefnathanlyon.files.wordpress.com

Almonds, like oysters, are rich in zinc.

It has been long stated that almonds increase passion and act as a sexual stimulant.

I love almonds, but yuck...don't kiss me with almond breath. Be sure to carry around mouthwash.

5. Unsweet Tea

sweet tea sexy 2.bp.blogspot.com

The antioxidant Catechin found in sweet tea:

• promotes blood flow… all over the body…
• helping with sex, and
• helping with brain power!

Catechin antioxidant springermaterials.com

Keep the sugar out though:

• Too much sugar lowers the body’s ability to produce endorphins.
• Low endorphin levels can lead to depression.
• Depression decreases our sex drive.

Do you think you will try any of these foods?

Have you already??

I think I'm getting in my car and heading to the local grocery store, and stocking up.

Have a great night...i know i will!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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