Top 10 Most Athletic-Sounding Baby Names!

by Allen Gil October 24, 2014

Top 10 Most Athletic-Sounding Baby Names!

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Dreaming of raising the next Joe Montana or Mia Hamm?

Or maybe you just want a name that has an athletic, sporty sound to it.

After all, athleticism is something we associate with confidence, success, and let’s face it – cool factor.

Here are some guiding principles to keep in mind... as well as my Top 10 Athletic Baby Names List:

1. Famous athletes

baby names serena

Naming your child after an admired athlete is an obvious place to start:


• Nolan, Peyton, or Lance for a boy, or

Serena, Mia, or Maria for a girl.

For a twist, you could use a favorite athlete’s last name as a first name, like Beckham or Brady.

2. Lots of consonants

baby names quinn

Names that are consonant-heavy rather than vowel-heavy tend to sound more athletic.

Consider the difference between Brock or Zak versus Laura or Joshua.

• Ending a girl name with a consonant instead of the common “a” or “ie/y/e girl name endings may sound more sporty as well: Devin or Quinn.

2. Boy names for girls

I’m totally smitten with “crossover” or boyish names used for girls:


• Garrett, Morgan, Sam, Ryan, or Alex.

They project confident, laid back, and cool.

Many of the great qualities we ascribe to athletes!

3. Short names

baby names ann hathaway

Short names can sound strong and sporty.


• Finn, Brooks, or Ann.

4. Same first and last initial

baby names chella choi

Having the same first and last initial can give a jocky sound:

• Jenny Johnson or Wayne Wilson or even Chella Choy (picture above).

5. Initial abbreviations

baby names justin timberlake

Using a first and middle initial as a name works well:

• Peter James abbreviated to P.J. or

• Elizabeth Jade abbreviated to E.J. or, well...

Justin Timberlake abbreviated to J.T.

6. Names that imply movement/size.

baby names ace young

Names that exude motion, sport, or size built in:

• Archer. Ace. Maximilian.

7. It just sounds athletic

baby names peyton

Some names just have that sporty sound.

• Killian and Connor have a jocky sound to them,

• as do Nikki and Payton.

So with no further ado, here are my Top 10 athletic picks:


• Reid (my son’s name – I’m biased)

• Brooks

• Zach

• Nolan

• Connor

• Graeme

• Hudson

• Kent

• Killian

• Trent


• Sam (Samantha)

• Zoe

• Alex

• Hayden

• Morgan/Morigan

• Quinn

• Devan/Devin

• Andie

• Brynn

• Kate

Did you want a name that sounded sporty? What’d you go with?

Happy Baby Naming! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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