4 Secrets To Being Happy Like Your Dog!

by Allen Gil October 28, 2014

4 Secrets To Being Happy Like Your Dog!

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You run outside to check the mailbox, flipping through the giant pile of mail you just un-wedged from your mailbox—bill; bill; coupon book for a bunch of crap you don’t need; bill; birthday card from grandma (oh goodie, a check for $7).

You then open the front door, the very same place you walked out of no more than 47 seconds ago and the dog is going flippin' nuts. Wagging his tail, jumping on your leg and whining like he hasn’t seen you in 20 years.

happy dog licking face Fido gets between your legs as you’re walking into the kitchen to trash (err... I mean recycle) all those unwanted pieces of paper and BAM, you trip over the dog and plop on the floor. Your loyal pooch rushes in to lick any and all exposed pieces of neck and face skin as you fuss at him for being so overly affectionate. Why does your dog think you are better than a bacon sandwich?

(That’s hard to top by the way, ‘cause as we all know, bacon comes from the heavens.) Let’s take a look at four secrets to being happy that factor into your dog's cheery demeanor every time you walk into a room.

1. Your dog appreciates that you provide for him.

happy dog couch He doesn’t have a job, wasn’t blessed with opposable thumbs, and is relatively domesticated... so how the heck is he supposed to feed himself? He doesn’t have to, because his human hooks him up with free food and water every day! What a great roomie you are!

2. Fido absolutely loves that if he keeps rubbing his nose on your hand, you’ll eventually take him out for a walk so he can explore all the wonders of nature.

happy dog walk And by wonders, I mean poop and pee stains from other dogs that are apparently every seven feet along the sidewalk. Your dog is just happy as can be to get to be with you on an adventure. Apparently sharing the journey is more important than the destination. Smart dog.

3. Every doggy knows what a kick-back awesome life he has.

happy dog sniffing butt Let’s see, today’s to-do list includes:

• Lay around
• sniff my own butt
• Eat some kick-ass Kibbles n Bits
• Sniff the cat’s butt
• Lay around some more
• Find something really important to my human that I can chew on
• Lay around a little more

Your dog seems to have gotten his brain straight knowing that life is as complex as he makes it out to be. His life is simple by plan and he isn’t stressed out, so when you come around he is ALWAYS in a good mood. It seems Fido is on to something here.

4. Your dog lives in the moment, not the past.

happy dog flying Sure, you left to go put away some laundry five minutes ago and that was really sad for your little canine friend, but instead of dwelling on it, he looks on the bright side: You’re back! How awesome is that?!?!

I tend to agree that dogs are man’s best friend and maybe we should give Fido a little more credit in the intelligence department since he seems to have mastered this happiness thing.

His secrets?

• Be appreciative
• Enjoy the journey of life
• Focus on how great your life really is
• Let go of the past

Hey, wait a minute, what happened to my good shoes?


Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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