Sexy Shoulders Home Workout!

by Allen Gil October 29, 2014

Sexy Shoulders Home Workout!

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What do actresses Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, and Cameron Diaz have in common with NBA star Dwight Howard?


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Toned shoulders are the new 6-pack abs (well, not really...but you get the idea).

I don't know about you but I think nothing is sexier than some nice, toned, "boulder" shoulders, for both guys and gals...

And I have JUST the workout to get a great shoulder pump and help you sculpt those sexy shoulders!

This is a Shoulder Circuit Workout!

• Complete each sub-circuit before moving on to the next one.
• By the end of this workout, you shouldn’t be able to even lift your arms.
• If you are able to… next time use heavier weights.


Use weights that challenge you but allow you to keep proper form.

Warm-Up: Repeat x3

• 15 Jumping Jacks
• 15 Squat Jumps
• 15 Jumping Jacks
• 15 Squat Jumps

Circuit #1: Repeat entire round x4

• Dumbbell Front Raises – 12 reps
Dumbbell Shoulder Press – 12 reps
• Plank – 1 minute

dumbbell shoulder press

Circuit #2: Repeat entire round x4

• Seated Barbell Shoulder Press, Wide Grip – 12 reps
Upright Row with Barbell/Dumbbell/Resistance Band – 12 reps
• Plank – 1 minute

upright row

Circuit #3: Repeat entire round x4

• Dumbbell Flys – 15 reps
• Dumbbell Upright Row – 15 reps
Shoulder Push-Ups – 15 reps (on last set, til failure)

shoulder pushups

When all circuits are completed and you feel the BURN, stretch it out, get hydrated, and let it hurt so good.

Get that Sexy Shoulder look!!!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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