The #1 Threat to Your Health/Fitness/Happiness

by Allen Gil October 30, 2014

The #1 Threat to Your Health/Fitness/Happiness

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It’s not Ebola.

It’s not soy.

It’s not Cinnabon, or cupcakes or even negative thinking.

I suggest the biggest threat to your Health, Fitness and Happiness is DISTRACTION.

Distraction is robbing you of the only irreplaceable form of energy you have.


You’re no schlub.

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You want:

• to make things happen,
• to learn healthier habits,
• to implement an exercise plan,
• to start, and stick to a journal.

All of these things will increase the quality of your life, and give you much more substantial results for your health, fitness and happiness.

The problem is we all have a monkey in our brain and it is PREYED upon by the shiny objects.

It is preyed upon by the instant gratification of:

• Netflix (my current, deeply personal distraction struggle… lol),
• Facebook/social media,
• emails,
• text messages,
• food, drink, etc. etc.

We get determined to start and follow through with a program that will help us achieve what we truly want, and slowly the distractions whittle away any progress we make. They suck away our time and energy like tiny little time and energy vampires. 

Those among us that are truly happy, healthy, and fit, have systems and structures that don’t allow them to be derailed by distraction.

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If they enjoy certain entertainment or pastimes, it’s contained in a box and, quite deliberate, managed...

It does not manage them.

They do not allow it to steal their drive, their determination, their time and energy.

I invite you to start the process of taking control with awareness.

Start a time log of how you spend your time.

Start documenting how many times you become distracted throughout your day.

Distraction at work will lead to longer work hours will lead to missed workouts, will lead to inconsistent action and behavior that will lead you to your goals.

Give yourself some direction and answer these questions, on paper.

Make it clear and feel it to your bones...

1. What is your ideal goal in the next 3-6 months?

If you could achieve anything within reason, what would it be?

2. What is your realistic goal in the next 3-6 months?

time calendar

Life is life.

You have certain obligations, limitations, and you have to balance all of these things with your goals, what do you honestly believe you can achieve in this short period of time?

3. What do you want to achieve, and what do you need to achieve?

If you want to achieve it, distraction will rob you of it.

If you NEED to achieve it, nothing will stop you and you will find an opportunity to make it happen.

Here’s to taking control and finally creating and sustaining what you want.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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