4 Tips for Surviving World War Z!

by Allen Gil October 30, 2014

4 Tips for Surviving World War Z!

Photo Credit: heyuguys.com

Whether you’ve Netflixed to death (hehehe) The Walking Dead...

Or have the Director’s Cut Gold-Labeled Edition of World War Z...

You know what I know...

The Zombie Apocalypse?!?

Yup, it’s just a matter of time.

Like you, I know that to survive the inevitable it’s gonna take some planning.

Because if there’s one thing I learned in the Boy Scouts...

Ya gotta have a plan.

First, we’ll need some good shelter.

zombie proof home i.huffpost.com

• Can zombies smell fear?!? I don't know. But what I do know is zombies can smell the bacon grilling on that Weber Grill you got for such a great deal at Lowe’s. Better have your nesting site well guarded by natural and man-made barriers.

• No need to go too-big here... the bigger the shelter, the more resources you’ll need to protect it.

• Of course don’t forget the motion detectors!

Second, we’ll need some good weaponry.

zombie crossbow darkmediaonline.com

• Taking out a zombie is no easy task. Head shots, yes, of course.

• When selecting your Crossbow focus on ease of use and deadly force. This isn’t the time to play plastic import.

• Take the time now to practice your aim... yes, this is the apple on the picket fence time, people.

Third, we’ll need to eat.

zombie pantry onetiredworkingmommy.files.wordpress.com

• Refrigeration will be a limited and potential unreliable asset.

Expect to eat mostly canned goods, mostly dried milk, and you'll probs have to purify your water.

• Make sure you continue to get well-balanced meals as much as possible.

• Invest now in a good can opener. Just sayin’.

Fourth, we’ll need to keep our human friends close.

zombie friends cougarnewspaper.com

• We’re not meant to be alone.

Be the biggest badass on the block by solidifying friendships.

• Don’t be afraid to tell the kids “do the dishes or you’re being fed to the neighbors”. This sh*t just got real.

Bonus tip: We’ll need to pray. A lot.

zombie pray cdn1.share.slickpic.com

Happy Apocalypse Surviving.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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