Halloween Candy Exchange: What's It Worth?!?

October 31, 2014

Halloween Candy Exchange: What's It Worth?!?

Photo Credit: David Starr

What's the TRICK in TRICK or TREAT?!?

It's all about figuring out IS IT WORTH IT??

What's worth your preciously-earned calories... because, to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln,

"A Calorie Saved is a Calorie Earned!"

So then, here you go:

The 2014 getyourFITtogether.org CANDY SWAP EXCHANGE:

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Oh, the beloved Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. So innocent. So perfectly round. Perhaps you push out the middle and then devour the remaining ring of fun fun fun. Well, yeah. It's gonna cost you 10 minutes of cardio. Jumping rope for 600 seconds, anyone?!?

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Hello there, heavenly MINI Twix Bar. Your packaged twin is nowhere to be seen. Perhaps we'll find him/her when we RUN A MILE in under 11 minutes... what it will take to burn this little f****er off.

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Tis the season, right?!? Hi, Candy Corn. All small and innocent and "please eat me"... well, eat you we will... but now we know TWELVE OF YOU will cost us 10 minutes of indoor cycling/Spinning. (So that's 72 per hour, riders on the storm.)

Hershey Kiss

That ain't no misprint, honey. You can't do 70 pushups anyway. So, what, you're gonna eat half of that mini Hershey's bar, do 35 pushups, and come back the next day and do earn the other half?!? Child please. Put it down.

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Well this might be your best shot at a guilt-free Halloween... simply because there are TWO itsy-bitsy bars in the mini-Kit Kat. But it'll cost you some time on the cyborg of cyborg machines: the eliptical. Get down, get down, get down.

images for web GYFT Halloween OK-05

Prob better to earn that mini-Almond Joy before you eat it. Those 50 burpees are gonna make your head spin... and your stomach, too. But if coconut is your thing... don't forget to clap overhead for self-encouragement, 50 times.

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Perhaps you eat one M&M each time you do a few crunches?!? It's gonna cost you mightily if you pick up a little bag of M&M fun. And who only picks up one?!? Happy munch... err... crunching.

images for web GYFT Halloween OK-06

Tabata is 20 secs on, 10 secs off, of a HIIT movement like weighted squats to an overhead press. Don't forget the 10 secs off! Do one round (4 min) and you've earned a palm-full of peanut M&M's. Delish!

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"You gonna leave, you goin'?" "Nah... namaste." Hello there, you sweaty, flexible mess. Your time getting your zen on will earn you a couple of these little bad boys. For like yoga, Snickers truly satisfies your OMMMMMMM.

images for web GYFT Halloween OK-06

Are you that house that gives out the full-sized... no, wait... the KING-sized candy bars? Of course you are. Well, we hope you like to run. 4 miles of running will earn you one of these peaces of heaven. 4 miles.

4 miles.

That's about how far you're gonna have to run to refill your candy bucket.

Happy Halloween!!! 

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