The Effective/Boring/Painful Fitness Secret!

by Chris Miquel November 01, 2014

The Effective/Boring/Painful Fitness Secret!

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Have your fitness results been slower than molasses on a cold day?

Have you been stuck with chronic pain?

Well, you're probably like 90% of peeps out there:

Not Stretching Enough!

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I know what you might be thinking, isn’t stretching just for yogis and old people?!?

Well, no, that’s simply not the case!

All the strongest, sexiest people, plus the highest performing (see: PAID) athletes know how to and practice stretching, daily.

Here’s what happens:

• Our tissues get tight, matted down, and we can’t move, perform or use them anywhere near their potential.

• They get stuck in chair shapes, or couch shapes, and they get used to those shapes and patterns.

• So we end up missing out on all of the glorious capabilities of our musculoskeletal system.

We can’t use the muscles to burn fat because they’re all jammed up. 

Regardless of how strong you are, you can’t express your strength because your muscles are like ball bearings stuck in the gears.

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Check out Kelly Starrett’s book Becoming a Supple Leopard: The Ultimate Guide to Resolving Pain, Preventing Injury, and Optimizing Athletic Performance and his website. You can also follow him on Twitter!

It’s a performance-based mobility approach, but truly anyone and everyone will benefit and get closer to their fitness goals if they stretch appropriately.

• Invest in a weekly, bi-weekly, or if you’re muscles are like steel cables, daily yoga class... just make sure you’ve got a good teacher and good posture for the positions.

• Invest a relatively small amount in a high density axis foam roller, like this bad boy by Trigger Point Performance, and use it.

• It’s the massage you can afford to do every day.

• It’ll help you line up your muscle fibers and connective tissues in the best sexy/strong positions possible while prevent pain and dysfunction.

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Do whatever it takes to get those muscles and tissues to lengthen and strengthen, or else you’ll be stuck in a pattern of pain, injury, and storing unwanted body fat in those unsightly areas.

Do it daily; build a routine around it. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself and feel the benefits every time you do it!


Contributed by Roni Taylor

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Chris Miquel
Chris Miquel


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