The 4 Things Legging Low-Down!

by Allen Gil November 03, 2014

The 4 Things Legging Low-Down!

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Time to get real here folks – I do NOT have a thigh gap.

Nor do I think I will ever have one, and as a proud non-thigh-gap having woman, I am a big fan of leggings as my workout bottom of choice.

Shorts + thighs that touch = annoying/chaffing/tugging/distracting nonsense!

Trust me – leggings are the way to go.

And as a legging lover, I have decided to break the world of leggings wide open and give you the low-down on what to look for when choosing a legging!

Here is what I look for:

1. Fabric:

When choosing a legging, it is important how it feels! Duh!

You want something soft and breathable (cotton-blend typically) with a fair amount of stretch so that as you move, your leggings move too.

I have had the unfortunate experience with not-as-stretchy-leggings and it is awful!

2. Waistband:

leggings waist

A thick waistband is the way to go, folks.

Having a thin waistband or elastic can cause your leggings to roll down on themselves causing severe mid-workout annoyance.

Bonus, a thick waistband cuts down on the potential for a muffin top!

3. Quality:

leggings panties

For everyone out there trying to save a few bucks buying cheap-o leggings...

I can see your undies!

Spend the few bucks and keep your nether-regions fully covered.

Cheap leggings mean cheap fabrics which greatly increases the possibility of see-through pants.

No bueno.

Plus, if something is cheap, it was probably poorly made, which means ripped seams, fraying, holes, etc. Invest the cash into your workout gear and you will thank me, I promise!

4. Length:

There are two popular lengths when it comes to leggings:

• capri (calf length)
• or ankle length.

This is really a personal choice, so I recommend trying both until you decide what you like best.

I own both lengths and wear each of them for different workouts.

For example, I like wearing the ankle length to my yoga classes because they wick away moisture and keep sweat off my mat, but I love the capri length for running because it is crazy hot in Florida and, outside, less is more!

Here’s two of my favorites:

GapFit Leggings

Okay, everyone in America is aware of GAP – but if you haven’t tried out the GapFit leggings, you are missing out! They offer leggings in a variety of styles, so they have something for everyone. My favorites are the Gfit and the Gdance (boot-cut).


I love Onzie because they are super lightweight and come in amazing patterns!

You can check out my complete review of Onzie leggings HERE.

Do you have a go-to legging supplier? 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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