Your Arms: 3 Tips To Go From Flab To Fab!

by Allen Gil November 03, 2014

Your Arms: 3 Tips To Go From Flab To Fab!

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Have you ever been waving goodbye to a good friend only to have a stiff breeze pick up, catch hold of that waddle on the underside of your arm and launch you into flight like Rocky the flying squirrel?

Me neither, but it sure makes for an awesome mental picture, doesn’t it? NOT!

arms sagging

If for some reason you have wound up with a little extra flab hanging out (literally) where your triceps are allegedly supposed to be, then grab a notebook and a pencil, because I have the solution to all of your problems.

Well, not all of them, but I can help with that pesky arm jiggle.

If you want to get those arms in shape, fast, try these three tips that are sure to make you feel comfortable in short sleeve shirts again:

1. The Table Edge Push

Your first exercise is to grab the edge of the table with both hands and push your chair away from the dinner plate.

• The truth is, if you’ve got some extra body fat on those arms, you’ll need to control your food intake to lose the squishy stuff.
• All the exercise in the world can’t touch the power of a proper diet when it comes to fat loss.
• Stick to fresh fruits, veggies and lean meats and try using a free app on your phone to track your calories.

A little accountability goes a long way.

2. It’s All About the Triceps Brachii

Pump up those guns a little by working the big muscle called the “triceps brachii” located on the back of your upper arm.

• It constitutes 2/3 of the total muscle in the arm and it gives the arms a great shape as it fills up the empty space that was once body fat.
• Try doing some chair dips on your lunch break at work every day to start them pea shooters down the right path.

arms tricep dip

3. Hello, Seated Cable Rows!

Everyone loves a shapely biceps muscle, so how can you build them to go along with your new-found triceps?

• Skip the curls and go for something a little more challenging like a seated cable row.
• The row allows you to use a much larger amount of total weight, thereby really forcing the biceps to step it up a notch.

You’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons in no time!

arms seated cable rows

Fix that mess you call a diet, strengthen and build the muscles in your arms and soon enough when it’s windy out you won’t even have to take cover anymore!

Unless it’s a tornado and in that case get your butt in the dang storm cellar, would you?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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