4 Reasons To Add In Single-Leg Training!

by Allen Gil November 04, 2014

4 Reasons To Add In Single-Leg Training!

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Say what?!? It’s true! You CAN train each leg individually.

It’s like doing single arm bench press, but for your quads and hamstrings.

It might be the most effective way to train your legs since, well, double-leg training.

If you’ve not incorporated any single leg training into your routines so far (lunges in your circuit class don’t count) there are five brilliant reasons to do so.

#1: You’ll Burn More Fat

Single Leg exercises, such as Split Squats and Single Leg Deadlifts, provide an awesome fat burning effect for two reasons.

A. Sets Last Longer
B. You Use More Muscles (To Stabilize)

Thus, you’re burning more calories overall and working more effectively into your fat stores.

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#2: You’ll Prevent Injury

If you’re an athlete or weekend-warrior outside of the gym, you should take note of one thing:

• Strengthening the small muscles in your body will decrease your chances of injury more than ANYTHING else!

By doing single-legged exercises correctly, you can create better stability and balance through your hip, knee and ankle joints.

Which, means you’ll get hurt less.

#3: You’ll Get Stronger

Squats and Deadlifts may be the respective King and Queen of training. But, there is only so far they can take you when it comes to strength.

That is to say, you can only gain a certain amount of strength for squatting from squatting.

By implementing single leg variations to your workouts such as the Bulgarian Split Squat you could gain a whole lot of strength, with carry-over to all lower body exercises.

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#4: You’ll Have Better Abs

Who wants abs?

You want abs.

And single leg training is a great way to get there.

You’ve already read that there is a fat loss benefit to single leg training, but this is about the abs themselves.

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When doing single leg training, you’re going to have to balance, coordinate and stabilize yourself completely. Which puts a great strain on your abs, oblique muscles and all the other wonderful muscles that lie beneath, too.

You’ll find yourself having one of the best core workouts possible, without ever having to think about doing a crunch.

Try it out! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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