Booty Blast @ Home Workout!

by Allen Gil November 05, 2014

Booty Blast @ Home Workout!

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Real moment: While my gym is relatively close to my house, it's still far enough to make it inconvenient.

On days when I snooze my alarm clock one too many times, it makes it impossible time-wise to make it to the gym and back in time to get ready for work.


I got myself some small weights for the house and have been coming up with home workouts that are effective and doable without any equipment.

(You can do all of these exercises except for one without any weights!!)

I do love my bodyweight exercises but sometimes I need that extra bit of weight... to push myself a little harder.

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For any exercise that you are unsure of on how it's performed, use Google or YouTube!

P.S. I did this exact workout and I was SORE, SORE, SORE the next day.

Mandi’s Booty Blast @ Home Workout


20 Squat Jumps
• 20 Jumping Alternating Lunges 30 Sec REST
• 15 Squat Jumps
• 15 Jumping Alternating Lunges
30 Sec REST
• 10 Squat Jumps
• 10 Jumping Alternating Lunges
30 Sec Rest
• 30 Jumping Jacks

squat jump booty

Circuit #1: Repeat 4x

Single Leg Hip-Raise - 12x Each Leg

• Cursty Lunges - 12x Each Leg

booty build single leg raise

Circuit #2: Repeat 4x

Standing Alternating Lunges (Hold Weight in Each Hand for More of a Challenge) - 15x Each Leg

• Squat Jumps - 12x

Circuit #3: Repeat 3x

Single Leg Standing Deadlift (Hold a Single Dumbbell in Hand Opposite of Leg Going Back) - 12x Each Leg

• Pulse Squats - 30 Seconds

booty build weighted lunge

Circuit #4: Repeat 4x

Hip Raises (bonus: w/ Back on Bench) - 15x

• Then Hold and Squeeze for 15 Seconds 20 Seconds Rest

better booty hip raise

Cool Down With Some Forward Bends and Stretch the Backs of the Legs.

better booty forward bend

Make sure you squeeze those glute muscles with every rep for the most effective workout. You want to FEEL the booty getting WORKED. You can thank me later when you're sore!


Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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