5 Words To Avoid When Dining Out!

by Allen Gil November 05, 2014

5 Words To Avoid When Dining Out!

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Here are 5 words to avoid when navigating restaurant eating and trying to watch your weight at the same time.

1. Buffet.

Big time.

The worst place you can go when you’re trying to watch your intake is an all-you-can-eat joint.

• Studies show that the more you are offered, the more you will eat.
• They also show that the more variety available to you, the more you will graze.

So...skip the buffet and order off the menu!

2. Fried.

Frying food can double, triple, or even quadruple its caloric content.

No thank you!

Au contraire, look for:

• grilled,
• baked, or
• poached, instead!

And skip the French fries – ask for a side salad.

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3. Cream(y).

Particularly with soups – if you have an option to choose a water or tomato-based soup, it’s always a better option than a cream-of or a creamy soup.

• Keep that caloric density down!
• Similarly, oil and vinegar on your salad is a better option than creamy ranch or blue cheese.

Plus, then you’ll know what’s in your food!

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4. Loaded.

Baked potatoes on their own are a great option.

Loading them up with cheese, sour cream, and butter torpedoes your efforts!

• Ask for salsa instead!

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5. Free.

That’s right, if it’s free, it’s probably best avoided.

We’re talking about bread, chips, peanuts, etc. – anything they bring out and set on your table.

Send it back!

Don’t even tell yourself you’ll just have one. It’s truly a slippery slope once you start.

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And here’s a bonus I’m slipping in: Alcohol.

I like it, you like it, it’s fun and good for socializing.

It also packs a wallop calorically and lowers your inhibitions and resolve, making you more likely to suck down some bread and hit the buffet.

Keeping on target is just easier with a clear head.

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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