Fit-stagram: Weight Loss Edition!

by Allen Gil November 06, 2014

Fit-stagram: Weight Loss Edition!

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Everyone knows how hard it can be to make that damn... scale... move.

Some days you feel like you don’t care and you want to give up.

Which is why I bring you Fit-stagram: Weight Loss Edition!

Everyone needs motivation to push past their limits, to remind them why they started in the first place and to make them feel like they aren’t alone.

These three ladies keep me going via Instagram and help me stay focused on the end goal instead of how much I love cake!

JoJo Sullins

@jojosullins fitstagram jojo

JoJo is a power-house-super-mega motivator that makes me feel like I could take on any challenge!

She literally does it all, and shares every bit of her journey with her followers!

• She shares workouts,
• before & after shots,
• and my personal favorite – meal prep!

Planning a week’s worth of food for my husband and I is always a struggle for me, but JoJo’s weekly videos and photos are really helpful!

Her words: “One day I woke up almost a year ago and was sick of how I looked in photos and decided I would start for the last time. My IG people really really motivate me to keep going, I know I have a lot of people that look to me for the motivation, so I have to dig hard each day to find it. There will be bad days, and there will be good days. Know that if you go each day with that good intention of hitting your goals, before you know it your mental game will shift, and you will be able to kick bum in the gym, and the kitchen. If you are discouraged or down, come to me, I will lift you up!”

Follow her and reap the benefits, just as I have!

Ashley Campos

@getfitwithashley_ fitstagram ashley campos

Ashley is a super-mom who is totally on top of her weight-loss game!

Her progress is so inspiring and she is always a ray of positivity in my IG feed!

• Ashley always shares fun workout videos and truly loves her IG followers.
• She is always willing to help someone out if they have questions.
• She always offers her encouragement and is really down to earth.

She says:

“I've lost 75 pounds since I started in January and I hit 6 plateaus along my journey. Some lasted a week or two, and a few lasted a month. It gets frustrating to know you are putting in the work, and you are eating right and nothing is happening. But it’s important to remember that even if you physically aren't seeing change, it's happening. Just be patient, embrace the process and keep doing what you are doing! Keep pushing forward, and know what you are doing for your body will result in change. It takes time; don't give up!”

What an inspiring badass mamajama!

Brittany Powers

@fitmom_fitbritt fitsagram three Brittany is a tiny little firecracker who seems to have boundless energy and love for her IG followers!

I swear I don’t know how she does it all!

• She shares videos of her righteous self breaking a sweat…
• And of her latest yummy concoction.
• Brittany always is full of smiles and words of encouragement!

I love seeing her accomplishments and she really makes me feel like I can push through whatever wall I am facing.

She dominates her two-a-day workouts and I love seeing her little one play along in the videos, mimicking her every move!

These three ladies are so inspiring and completely open about their weight-loss journey highs and lows.

They truly want to help everyone around them reach their goals, and I love seeing beautiful women encourage other beautiful women. Each of us is in a completely unique place, and we need more women supporting other women in this world!

Go check out these IG weight-loss warriors and show them some serious love!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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