Tired Of Having A Flat Ass? Hello, Hill Sprints

by Allen Gil November 06, 2014

Tired Of Having A Flat Ass? Hello, Hill Sprints

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Learn how to develop a better booty with hill sprints!

It seems everywhere you look nowadays, people are obsessed with having a great rear end. It’s the topic of 9 out of 10 music videos. Don’t even bother trying to go on Instagram without your feed being flooded by bathroom-booty selfies galore.

The really great thing about the search for a better tushy, is that if you want to make yours look better, it won’t require any fancy equipment or even a gym membership.

All you need are some running shoes and a hill.

Check out these 4 reasons why sprinting uphill is so great for sculpting buns!

1. Running at top speed is the BEST way to activate the gluteus maximus muscle.

• Not power walking.
• Not jogging.
• Not even doing those fancy BOSU ball lunges that your girlfriend told you about.


Electromyograph studies show that sprinting is by far the best way to work those glutes, so stop messing around and RUN!

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2. Running up an incline shifts the workload off of the quadriceps muscles and onto the glutes and hamstrings.

The more work you can do back there, the more junk in the trunk!

uphill run field  

3. It’s About the Afterburn

Short, high intensity exercise like hill sprints, helps to boost your metabolism via something called EPOC or afterburn.

Hauling ass up a hill (see what I did there?) increases your fat burning for hours after the workout is already over.

Talk about effective!

4. Just A Few Are Needed

When doing hill sprints, only a few are necessary, so you save a ton of time that can be better spent ridding your pantry of all that processed food.

Seriously with the cheesy poofs?

So, now that you know, what are you waiting for?

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Get those shoes on and hit the hills!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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