Why Martial Artists Are Better Lovers

by Allen Gil November 07, 2014

Why Martial Artists Are Better Lovers

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“I’m a lover, not a fighter.”

What a lame, cliché saying!

Train like a fighter and actually be a BETTER lover!

I see that incredulous look on your face.

Don’t you worry, I’m going to explain exactly why my claim is

• the truth,
• the whole truth
• and nothing but the truth.

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Think about it for a minute.

• Martial artists, whether they practice jiu jitsu, boxing, wrestling, judo, karate or kung fu, are all dedicated athletes that demand more of their bodies than most people ever thought possible.

Some of the essential techniques needed to perform a martial art turn out to be critical elements that ensure a wrestling match in the bedroom is a win-win for everyone involved.

Martial artists possess the following traits that can make YOU a badass in bed:

1. Flexibility

Ask any tae kwon do practitioner how important hip flexibility is for their kicking techniques and you’ll realize real fast that your question might as well have been rhetorical. More mobile hip joints allows for much higher kicking opportunities...

...as well as the ability to do that thing on page 93 in the Kama Sutra.

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2. Endurance

If you have ever watched a 15 round boxing match, you might have wondered if these guys were powered by the copper top battery.

Cardio endurance is key to many martial arts and being able to “move about the cabin freely” for more than a couple minutes while engaging your partner in some nookie, is a skill nobody is going to complain about.

Sure, you might sweat a little and be out of breath, but think of it as a workout and quit your whining!

3. Strength

One of my favorite wrestling moves is the "belly to belly suplex".

It requires incredible hip and core strength and when done properly you end up on top of your opponent in a dominant position...

...which is usually a good thing both in and out of the bedroom.

Just try not to make too long of eye contact if you try this one in the ring.

It makes the other person a little creeped out.

4. Submissions

Jiu jitsu, which means, “The gentle art” in Japanese, is all about using technique to subdue a bigger, stronger opponent and making them “tap out.”

While it isn’t something I claim to enjoy, there are many a person out there who might just like it if their partner put them in a triangle choke.

Not sure what I mean? Take a look at the video below and you’ll catch my drift.

5. Lean, Muscular Bodies

Techniques and special moves are cool and all, but let’s be real. You know what really turns you on when it’s time to get down?

A sexy looking body... and martial artists just so happen to have some of the most sculpted bodies on earth.

• Tight abs,
• muscular arms
• and lean legs

are the result of years of hard work in their chosen martial art and guess who gets to enjoy those great results? That’s right! You do!

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Well, that is if you’re lucky enough to get some sexy time with one of these great athletes.

Not convinced yet that putting in some time training in a martial art will help you have a little more fun in the sack? Well, I’m not gonna try and twist your arm over it, but if moves like:

• the “full mount”
• the “rear naked choke” and
• the “anaconda choke”

don’t intrigue you just a little, well, you my friend just might be missing out on something great. Here’s to martial artists and the language of love! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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