Football GAME TIME Workout

by Allen Gil November 09, 2014

Football GAME TIME Workout

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I LOVE football season!

• The games,
• the rivalries,
• the smack talk!

It is all amazing.

However, I have noticed that much of my weekend is passing with my butt firmly planted on the couch – and it isn’t doing me any favors!

So to remedy this age-old dilemma, I bring you:

The Football Sunday Workout!

football sunday cheerleaders Here’s how it goes: when the guys on screen do something, you do something!


• 15 Mountain Climbers

PAT (the extra Point After the Touchdown)

• 5 Burpees

Field Goal

• 30 High Knees

Team takes a Time Out

• 30 Jumping Jacks

Interception/Fumble/Turnover of any kind

• 20 Full Sit Ups

Blocked Kick or QB Sack

• 15 Squats

End of the Quarter

• 15 Push-Ups

Injury on the Field

• 15 Lunges (each leg!)


• 30 Bicycle Crunches

Personal Foul

• 60 Second Plank

Half Time

• 100 Jumping Jacks,
• 50 High Knees,
• 30 Full Sit Ups,
• 30 Push Ups
• and a 60 Second Plank!

I guarantee you will not be on your butt much!!

I love doing this during games that I am not particularly invested in, because I get really excited when something happens because I get to play along.

football sunday workout coin toss Nerdy? Yes.

An effective way to get your burn on AND your Sunday Football Fix?

You know it!

Give the Football Sunday Workout a whirl this weekend and let me know how it goes!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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