Workin’ On My Sexual Fitness

by Allen Gil November 11, 2014

Workin’ On My Sexual Fitness

According to Sexperts, a normal romp session can burn anywhere from 100 to 150 calories.

But the authors of Sexual Fitness: The Ultimate Guide to Pump While You Hump, Tone While You Bone and Shred in the Bed, promise to help you burn up to 220 to 400 calories instead!

Now, you never have to choose between going to the gym or busting out a quick bang session ever again.

You can actually have your cake, and eat it too, all while burning calories!


Sexual Fitness shows you how to work your core and build muscle mass through a casual, in your face tone that offers helpful tips and easy to understand pictures.

- You won’t find massive amounts of text and outdated naked pictures here.

- Every tip is not only useful but also easy to implement.

Stop feeling bad about missing another gym session and start working on your sexual fitness today.

have sex

With the help of Sexual Fitness you can “make your bedroom your gym and your partner your dumbbell.”

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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