Why She's Super Attracted to Your Beard

by Allen Gil November 12, 2014 1 Comment

Why She's Super Attracted to Your Beard

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You can’t walk down the street, turn on your tv, or pick up a magazine without seeing the scruffy hipster, and I’m not talking about a little day-old stubble.I’m talking about the kind of beard that would make Zeus proud. It's enough to make you wonder, is beard attractiveness becoming a metric for overall physical appeal? Although we have seen some amazing beards come from some of our favorite athletes—NBA star James Harden, soccer god David Beckham, the entire Boston Red Sox playoff team from last year, to be exact—it wasn’t until Hollywood jumped on the beard wagon that it took its rightful place in modern society.

Beard Attractivenss: Facial Fuzz We Know and Love

beard james harden

No self-respecting male movie star leaves home without his own unique face fuzz these days.

Ben Affleck, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Christian Bale have all been spotted sporting their finest follicle fruit.

beard christian bale

It seems that that there is scientific research behind the beardedness and the wearer’s attractiveness.

A study in Evolution and Human Behavior states that the more facial hair a man has, the more masculine both men and women perceive him to be.

• A beard makes a man’s jawline look bigger, therefore making him appear more intimidating to other men and seem more aggressive.
• He may also be perceived as a better father who would protect and invest in offspring, therefore having a natural attractiveness to the female.

Researchers say that a 10-day old scruff is the most attractive to the ladies.

It’s long enough to show its full growth yet short enough to not make her feel like a lumberjack’s old lady.

They say that the women rate this heavy stubble as significantly more attractive than the clean shaven or the five-o-clock shadow look.

beard adam levine

Also, please note that the amount of coverage is important.

So men, if you have been blessed with a Jake Gyllenhaal or Christian Bale-esque beard, then wear it...wear it proud and wear it loud.

Now fellas, if you have found your crumb catcher to be a little lacking (like the scruff puff seen on Keanu Reeves,) have no fear:

Many thousands of dollars are being spent every year on facial hair transplants.

It is said that the number of men undergoing this treatment has increased five-fold since 2013.

Whether it is filling in a few gaps or doing a complete beard construction, New York City doctors are seeing men paying as much as $7,000 to enhance their appearance.

Oh, and a side benefit of the beard... it keeps your skin looking younger and wrinkle-free.

• A man’s beard blocks up top 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays
• As well, acne and folliculitis are often the results of shaving
• This is because the razor can irritate the skin and cause the spread of bacteria

Keeping up your beard will keep that chiseled jawline spot-free and baby-smooth

beard hollywood

So there you have it, Ryan Gosling... we love it and you hate to shave it....win-win. Perhaps you started growing it in the 9th grade, perhaps you've started cause you read this article about MOvember... whatever, it's all good!

You’re a trendsetter, a feared warrior, melanoma-free...and sexy as hell.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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April 25, 2016

I hate to state the obvious, but the awesomeness of beards is limited to those who are men. If you wear skinny jeans, trendy effeminate sunglasses, or are an ignorant whinny manchild like Leonardo DiCaprio then your beard is automatically invalidated.

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