All About That... Waist Cincher (Say What?!?)

November 12, 2014

All About That... Waist Cincher (Say What?!?)

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Are you 36-24-36?

Is your waist real small and your curves kicking, as Sir Mix-A-Lot would say?

Waist training: Is it even possible???

We all want the quintessential female body shape:

• the hourglass figure,
• firm, perky boobs,
• small waist,
• curvy hips,
• and a nice booty…

Maybe not Kim Kardashian’s uber-booty, but perhaps Scarlett Johansson’s just-right-booty.

We see this gorgeous shape on Beyoncé and, back in the day, Marilyn Monroe.


Curves are what’s up!!

But how far will we go to achieve the 36-24-36 measurements?

According to Google, searches for “waist trainers” have more than doubled in the last year.

Mostly because celebrities are hash tagging their photos #waisttraining; whether they use them or not.

Women are wearing the "cinches" for up to 10 hours a day, and sometimes at night, and some are even wearing them to sleep. I have even seen women wearing them to my fitness classes and personal training sessions hoping it will boost their efforts.

But really, how safe are these "cinches?”

Waist cinchers are primarily made up of latex and spandex... on steroids.

Companies that sell these products claim that they can

• compress your core,
• increase your sweat level,
• release toxins
• and metabolize your fat ultimately helping you lose fat and inches from your waist.

We all know that we can't spot reduce, so if you want to lose body fat, its best through daily exercise and a sensible diet. Remember, I mentioned that the cinches are made up of latex?

Well, latex makes you sweat, a lot.

When you sweat, you are shedding water weight, NOT FAT.


Is there a negative to waist cinching/training?

Wearing a waist cincher for a short period of time for a special event is harmless.

However, research has shown that wearing one for prolonged periods of time could have negative side effects.

• If you are constantly constricting the abdomen and torso, it could impair lung function.

• This is due to restricting the amount of space available for the lungs to expand into the abdomen and fill with air.

• If your lungs don't expand, it could lead to shortness of breath.

Keep in mind, when you decide to train your waist, whether with a cincher or an actual corset, you need to decide how long you will wear it every day, and be consistent.

You must also be sure to clean it, as it will begin to grow bacteria, especially if you are wearing for physical activities.

It could cause a rash.

Ann Chery's Sport/Workout Waist Cincher has very good reviews. Perhaps a good place to start!

I can't give my personal opinion, as i have yet to try it, but it has crossed my mind. So maybe in the next few months I will write a follow-up article, letting you see my results.

Stay tuned!!!

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