Pizza/Soda Dad Turns Fitness Junkie

by Allen Gil November 13, 2014

Pizza/Soda Dad Turns Fitness Junkie

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Listen up, Danny boy has a secret to tell ya.

I’m gonna whisper so only you can hear.

I don’t want everyone knowing.

I fantasize. A LOT.

About eating pizza.

• The way the crust crunches as I bite past gooey cheese and tomato sauce.
• I love the smell of garlic and herbs,
• the spicy flavor of pepperoni,
• the hot grease running down my fingers.

My favorite neighborhood joint isn’t far, and for five bucks you get two monstrous slices...

and a can of soda.

man2man pizza

As I look in my fridge at a small mountain of Tupperware containers stacked neatly, filled with brown rice, chicken, vegetables, and quinoa, it’s not always an easy choice to make.

Forget Hamlet’s quandary and inane musings.

The real question becomes, “To pizza, or not to pizza?”

As long as I’m being honest, let me confess some more.

Most days, I don’t want to work out.


People think I race to do my workout, race to get my fitness in, like a man claiming a winning lottery ticket.

However, the truth is, I don’t wanna drag myself down to my basement (or as I refer to it, “The Nerd Cave”).

• I don’t wanna put my DVD workout program in the player and push play.
• Instead, I meander to my Dungeons and Dragons books, and maps and fiddle around, giving a backward glance at the dumbbells sitting inert against the wall.
• I open a few containers filled with plastic figurines.
• I think, ‘Where’s that goblin mini, holding the short sword, that I like? I swear he’s in here,’ followed by a sideways glance to the TV’s dark screen.

Why don’t I start right away?

Because, I’d rather curl up in my recliner, near the window, and read. 

I love the way books smell, the feeling of paper as I turn each page in anticipation and the art on the covers...

That’s pretty much a perfect way to spend an afternoon.

Particularly after eating two slices of pizza washed down with a Coke.

Pizza tastes good. Coke tastes good.

WHAT? What did Dan say?

Hang on.

Back up and reread what I wrote.

I said pizza and Coke taste good.

I didn’t say they’re good for you.

I’m not telling you to quit pizza and soda, though. Nor am I suggesting you stop reading, otherwise you might not finish this article.

So, do I eat the pizza or not?

• Yes, I still eat pizza, but I eat it infrequently rather than three or four times a week like the “old” Dan.

Do I still drink soda?

• Not so much. I’ve had about ten in the last year. Honestly, I don’t really miss it. Water is my drink of choice these days.

How about my workout? Do I ever skip it?

• Sometimes, I take an extra rest day, but not often, because to improve your health and body, you have to be consistent.

It’s the consistent habit that creates change.

I consistently ate bad and never exercised for years, and those habits created the “old” me:

• an overweight,
• zero-energy person
• who only ran to get pizza and soda.

I feel better now.

And even though I don’t always want to eat healthy and workout, I stay consistent and do it anyway.

Dan MDan Masucci

There is a “future me” to think of.

And like the “present me”, he want wants to keep changing for the better.

I hope you're turning into a Fitness Junkie, too!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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