A Letter to My Pre-Healthy Lifestyle Self

by Allen Gil November 14, 2014

A Letter to My Pre-Healthy Lifestyle Self

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Dear Pre-Healthy Mandi,

If only you knew then what I know now.

While yes, 16 years of ballet, tap, and jazz kept you in relatively good shape, and while yes, broccoli may have been your favorite food since you were a child, this sadly does not mean you are living a healthy lifestyle.

You are about to encounter more junk food and crappy sugary drinks in grimy, sticky college bars then you have ever seen (or consumed) in your whole life. So here I am, nearly 8 years in the future, to give you some guidelines about what you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT be doing/eating/drinking.

1) DO exercise.

Even if it's walking on the treadmill on an incline for 30 minutes - DO SOMETHING. ANYTHING physical. And no, going to a spin class only once a week does not count.

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2) DO NOT drink four (or more) "Sex on the Beach" or "Dirty Shirley" drinks...

as your drink of choice for the night. They are pure sugar and very high in calories. By choosing a vodka + water + lime, you will be saving yourself those empty calories.

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3) DO get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is the best time for recovery. As you are prone to catching colds, getting an adequate amount of sleep (8-9 hours per night) will help combat those germs in your body. Coming home at 3am and waking up at 8am does not count as a full night's sleep.

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4) DO NOT make late night Taco Bell runs.

As appetizing as tacos seem after a night of drinking, go home, save yourself some money, and make yourself a sandwich or a homemade burrito (so you can control the ingredients).

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If you follow those simple tips, you will avoid losing the extra 15-20 pounds you will gain throughout your college years making it MUCH easier to maintain in your early to mid-twenties.

Lay the groundwork for your future body and health and you will be much happier and feel much better.

Love and light,

Mandi from the future

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Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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