Hot and Fresh from Microsoft: The Band!

by Allen Gil November 14, 2014

Hot and Fresh from Microsoft: The Band!

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Just a few days ago, Microsoft introduced a new product (their first!) in the health-band market:

The Microsoft Band.

It’s claim to fame? MS says it will:

• Unite all of your health tracking data
• along with your text, email, and Twitter alerts,
• all into one seamless package you wear on your right wrist.

Not your left wrist – your right wrist!

It is integrated using the Microsoft Health app, and tracks your

• heart rate,
• steps,
• calorie burn and
• sleep quality.

The Microsoft Band can also pull in other sources of data and promises to provide email previews and calendar alerts at a glance.

Being that it’s Microsoft’s creation, of course it’s designed to work across platforms on Windows Phone, Android, and iPhone.

microsoft band running

However, Is it for you?

Well, if you currently use a FitBit or similar device, but want something that can also give you internet access with

• email,
• calendaring,
• social updates,
• weather,
• and finance, might be for you.

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If you long for a wrist-mounted fitness buddy that can give as well as track, it might be for you – Microsoft has been touting the Guided Workouts functionality which will design a program just right for you, based on your info and patterns.

It’s also got all the stuff you’re used to seeing on other devices, such as heart monitoring, sleep tracking, and GPS run mapping.

Oh, one more thing:

You can walk into any Starbucks after your run and pay with your MS Band.

No need to carry a wallet!

You can download MS Health now for free from the usual places, and the MS Band is selling for $199 at the Microsoft Store.

You can already find products designed to protect your newfangled device (a protecting case, of sorts): ArmorSuit MilitaryShield - Microsoft Band Screen Protector

So, the question is, are you gonna get one?!?

Looks like it’d fit rather well in a stocking...

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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