5 Simple Tricks For More Pleasurable Sex!

November 15, 2014

5 Simple Tricks For More Pleasurable Sex!

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Sometimes, sex can get a little rough dull.

If you’ve been with your partner a long time, it can get a little stale.

There’s only so much pleasure you can get from doing the same things over and over again.

So, it’s time to spice it up and make it more interesting.

This week, I’m going to discuss some simple tips you can use to make sex more pleasurable, enjoyable and make you climax like it’s your first time all over again.

1. Put A Pillow Under Her Pelvis

This is one of the most simple, yet most effective methods to increase overall pleasure.

Especially if you’re not too adventurous.

Whenever she’s beneath you, place a pillow under her pelvis to that it tilts up towards you. Then, carry on as you usually would.

This provides a little more stimulation for both of you. You can work a little deeper and a little easier, whilst you’ll be in a better position to stimulate the nerves on the ‘up’ side of your penis.

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2. Watch Porn Together

Porn gets a bad rep for showing sex in an unachievable light.

Yet, watching porn together can make sex more interesting and more pleasurable, for two reasons:

• It’s Taboo: Watching porn is usually something you do away from each other, and isn’t normal for you, which adds a naughty feel to it.

• You Can Find Out What Turns You On: Watching porn is a window into what turns your partner on. And, gives you a whole now insight into what you could be doing instead.

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3. Keep Your Underwear On

Teasing gets the blood flowing like never before. And, a great way to do this is to keep your underwear on whilst your partner has theirs off.

Rubbing, touching, stroking and biting is all guaranteed to help you get a rush of blood, and leave your partner wanting you more than ever before.

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4. Start Using Toys

Men seem overly proud when it comes to this, taking the ‘I can do the job myself’ mentality.

But, unless your penis is 8 inches long, purple, vibrating and rotational – you probably can’t. If it is, you probably need to get it checked out.

Using toys like dildos, vibrating rings, bullets and plugs can really add another level to your sex life. You can create pleasure in a way that you normally wouldn’t.

Plus, who cares if it’s ‘yours’ if you both thoroughly enjoy it!

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5. Be Spontaneous

By this I don’t mean sit behind the front door naked, holding a bouquet of flowers, waiting for your partner to come home.

Something a little classier.

Because, nothing is more dull than predicting your sex life. So, try and be as spontaneous as possible.

Grab your partner

• whilst they’re washing up,

• doing the ironing or

• getting ready for a night out... and have your way with them.

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Take them completely off guard, and watch sparks start to fly.


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