Pleasure Thru Pain - Success Thru Failure

by Allen Gil November 15, 2014

Pleasure Thru Pain - Success Thru Failure

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There is no light without darkness, up without down, wrong without right.

There is no great success without dull and determined effort.

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There is no great pleasure without pain and suffering.

We humans are perceiving machines.

• We need contrast to determine the difference or value of something.
• We cannot know happiness without knowing sorrow and struggle.

Part of the problem is in society we glorify the hero, the champ.

We see them living the good life, hoisting the trophy, making it look easy.


• We aren’t exposed to their blood sweat and tears.
• They grind and toil for hours everyday for their whole lives,
• Yet all we see is the acceptance speech.

I’m personally guilty of wanting all the good, with none of the bad.

I’ve schemed all sorts of ways to get myself, and my clients into fantastic shape, without working that hard.

Spoiler alert: It doesn’t work - you can only get into OK shape working OK hard.


I used to believe that we should only do things if they’re fun and enjoyable.

Turns out, we just need to change our perspective on hard work, pain, and suffering (so long as it’s productive and not injury or overtraining type suffering).

As I’ve matured, and learned more as an athlete and fitness coach, I realize more that no one can experience the joy of results, success, and victory, without the agony of failure, pain (good pain) and suffering.

You can’t achieve all of your goals without sacrifice, without soreness, and failing time and time again until you learn a better way.

So next time you find yourself avoiding the pain, remember...


That’s your secret weapon!

The more you chase

• the burn,
• the work,
• the sacrifice,

the faster and more rewarding will be your results.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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