Extreme Weight Loss WINS Over Biggest Loser!

by Allen Gil November 16, 2014

Extreme Weight Loss WINS Over Biggest Loser!

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Weight Loss Reality TV is big business – and rightfully so!

People love to be inspired by someone else’s progress, myself included!

However, not all shows are created equal and while I used to be a fan of The Biggest Loser – in recent years I have made a shift and started watching Extreme Weight Loss instead...

And there are several reasons why I am happy I made the switch!

Extreme Weight Loss with Chris and Heidi Powell on ABC is a far superior reality show and here are 5 reasons I think it wins over The Biggest Loser:

1. No Yelling!

While this “in your face all the time” method might work for some, I can’t say that it is inspiring to me.

This is not to say that Chris and Heidi don’t get loud with their trainee’s – but it isn’t so constant!

My life is stressful enough – I don’t need all the shouting!

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2. Dealin’ With Reality.

Chris and Heidi deal with the underlying issues at hand – most people who get themselves into a dangerous weight category have something they are holding on to, or trying to deal with.

Extreme Weight Loss encourages trainees to get to the root of their bad relationship with food, to heal and to move forward with a healthy lifestyle.

Because each episode is the complete journey of one trainee over a full year – you get to connect with the person and really see their amazing progress in one night!

3. It’s NOT About the Benjamins!

That’s right! It ain’t about the money!

Extreme Weight Loss isn’t some weird game show where a pile of cash is at the end of the tunnel.

• All the hard work that the trainee’s put in is an investment in themselves and not some competition.

• Granted, sometimes sponsors of the show give trainees a sizeable gift-card for fresh foods, or new bikes, or whatever - but not always.

• It’s a real life “make it or break it” experience!

I am sure everyone could workout for several hours a day if

• work,
• family,
• and other obligations

weren’t a factor.

Sure, I could lose a million pounds if I had my meals made for me and nothing to do but lose weight.

But that isn’t real!

Most of the weight loss on Extreme Weight Loss is done at the trainee’s home – where they are working towards that impossible balance between working on yourself and being a part of your real life.

4. Gradual Weight Loss is Safer Weight Loss.

While I don’t know the total time span of The Biggest Loser – I know it isn’t a full year.

Chris and Heidi work with their trainees for a full year to ensure that they are being safe about their weight loss and setting them up to succeed for a lifetime by building lasting habits.

Being fit isn’t some vacation you take before you go home to your cheeseburgers and cake...

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5. Being fit is a life choice.

A choice you have to make every single morning because you love yourself, and I truly believe that Chris and Heidi Powell understand that and help their trainees to believe in that and in themselves.

Which fitness reality TV show is your favorite?

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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