5 Ways Calories Creep Into the Holidays

by Allen Gil November 17, 2014

5 Ways Calories Creep Into the Holidays

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Holidays can be a real drag on your weight management plan!

All those parties, big family meals, special holiday treats – it’s tough out there!

Plus, those sneaky calories are out there creeping into food in ways you may not have even realized!

Here’s 5 Ways Those Pesky Calories Get their Creep On!

1. Alcohol.

Bam! Dang! Right of the top!

It packs a punch calorically, AND it lowers your inhibitions and resolve, so you eat more of everything else!

That’s not even considering the absolute disaster that beloved eggnog will be to your waistline!

• 400 calories for a cup?

You’d have to walk for more than an hour to burn that off – and that’s just a drink!

We haven’t even gotten to the food yet.

creepy eggnog1.bp.blogspot.com

2. Candy.

Normally candy isn’t something you’d consider a sneaky food, but at the holidays there is SO MUCH MORE candy around.

People that seem like normal, health-conscious individuals the rest of the year go into a baking frenzy over the holidays, churning out candy, cookies, fudge, and all manner of treats!

And if you know one of them, or, God help you, LIVE with one of them, it can be downright rude to refuse the delicious fruits of their labors.

Careful, there!

creep cookingkristenione.com

3. Casseroles.

Casseroles were invented to sneak calories into normally healthy options like vegetables.

• Green beans are a healthy, low-cal food until baked into a casserole!

• Yams can be a healthy option on their own, but smothered in butter and marshmallows?

Tread lightly!

creep casseroleeatingbender.files.wordpress.com

4. Whipped cream.

Around the holidays you just want to put it on everything!

• Pies,
• hot chocolate,
• cocktails,
• bread pudding,
• cupcakes.

Hey, wait a minute...

Maybe it’s not the whipped cream that’s the problem here!

creep whipped creampitcherandplate.com

5. Gravy.

Need I say more?

It comes down to conscious eating, eating from a non-emotional…

okay, less-emotional state, and getting smart about your holiday calories for they can really be SUPER CREEPY!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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