4 Things You CAN DO To Get Her Super Into You!

by Allen Gil November 18, 2014

4 Things You CAN DO To Get Her Super Into You!

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All right!

Now that we’ve established what’s out of your control (See Part I here), let’s get to the good stuff:

4 Things That Are IN Your Control!

Some of these super traits you may already possess making you the envy of all your friends.

These things are all workable, they can be learned... they might take a little liquid courage... but even that in all honestly isn’t really necessary!

Let's bring out your inner STUD.

1. A Balanced Sense Of Humor And Confidence:

Did you expect me to lead off with “jacked muscles”?!?

Check that assumption real quick.

• Women prefer a man that can make her happy and laugh.
• But just having a sense of humor is not enough, your style of humor and your timing is vital in getting her attention and making her comfortable.
• Make her laugh with smart, observational comments instead of put-down jokes.

This will also show your level of confidence because you would never stoop so low as to make her or others feel uncomfortable just to make yourself look good.

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2. Piercings and Tattoos:

There is a fine line here fellas.

Yes, women typically love tattoos on a man however most women will tell you that there is a point at which your sex appeal plummets with every new random tattoo you find skin for.

Tattoos are far more common than one may think.

Even those straight-laced accountant types may be hiding a giant back tattoo ready to be unleashed upon the right unsuspecting female. Many other women dig it when a guy has tattoos because it shows that

• he can handle a little bit of pain
• and he’s no wuss.

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3. Money, Moola, The Bankroll, Dough, Her Shoe Fund:

Whatever you want to call it, she is attracted to it.

She may be perfectly stable and don’t need your money, however she will definitely want you to have your own.

This is about what has been ingrained in her from early childhood.

• Is it an unfair expectation?
• Have you ever given a women a little head tilt when she informs you that she doesn’t cook?

Yeah that’s what I thought.

Don’t fret though, most women are not gold diggers looking to cash in on you. She will more than likely be perfectly fine with your average income and modest living.

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4. The Chest/Torso:

Yeah we can give a crap about your calf size or that you have to get your shirts tailor made to fit your ginormous biceps.

The chest is the best.

Fortunately for you, the torso can be molded into whatever you want it to look like. 

• Unlike other areas of the body where genetics play a huge role (her booty…ahemmm) women are not as concerned about the size of the chest and torso as they are about the way it looks and feels.
• A man that is not afraid to strip off his shirt….. with the lights on….. is who she desires.
• A caveat to this is, just because you are not shy and would strip off your shirt for a piece of gum is not what we are talking about here.
• If you look like Stan from American Dad and think you’re sexy, you are the only one.

Hit the gym, watch what you eat, and lose the gut.

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So there you have it, you can run with it or you can call me a liar.

Either way, you will surely see for yourself that I’m right in the end. 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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