A Rabbi, Imam, Geek & "Big Girl" Hit the Gym...

by Allen Gil November 19, 2014

A Rabbi, Imam, Geek & "Big Girl" Hit the Gym...

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The online dating world has given us christianmingle.com, gay.com, jdate.com and more...

Thus... tailored fitness programs for

• Orthodox Jews,
• Muslims,
• Geeks,
• And “Big Girls”!

Yup. Diversity is becoming the next big thing entering the fitness scene.


• Motivations can range from meeting the like-minded

• to finding inspiration in faith to a desire to adhere to social or religious customs while breaking a sweat.

Or maybe their Bubbie is pressuring them to meet a nice Jewish mensch while getting all schvitzy.

Some examples of where group-tailored workouts are taking hold:

1. Orthodox Jewish Men’s Workout DVD

“Fit Yid,” available on Amazon.com, touts itself as the first ever “kosher” men’s exercise DVD.

The promo video is nothing short of fantastic:

2. Muslim Fitness

Zena Wellness offers classes catering to Seattle’s Muslim population.

It offers a women-only setting and modest exercise wear.

• Its site even sells the Zena Wear Clothing line which consists of lightweight, modest clothing for dance, yoga, and working out, for those who like to “workout without showing off.”

Their scoop neckline tops are high enough to keep scarves tucked in through a workout.

For Muslim women who prefer a home workout, Nadine Abu Jubara from Orlando, Florida launched Nadoona Extreme, a fitness DVD geared toward Muslim women that features an instructor in a hijab, long-sleeves, and pants.

3. Fitness for Geeks

Nerd Fitness offers diet and exercise programs targeted toward

• “desk jockeys,
• nerds,
• and average joes,”

has the tagline “Level up your life, every single day.”

Founder Steve Kamb publicly quote the leader of the Autobots: • “As we’ve learned from Optimus Prime, small changes can eventually add up to huge results.”

4. Plus-Size Gyms

Vancouver’s Body Exchange http://bodyexchange.ca/ is a “fit camp and adventure company” catering to plus-size women.

This setting offers both emotional and practical benefits:

• From a practical standpoint, larger people sometimes need to adapt exercises in certain ways, which is often not understood in mainstream gyms.

• Emotionally, founder Louise Green is committed to providing a positive and supportive environment.

“Many of our clients have not had successful fitness pasts so I can see the anxiety before we get started and I can see the relief and happiness after we finish.”

What will be next, I wonder?

No doubt there’s a fortune out there to be made for someone with a bit of creative genius! 

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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