The “Girls’ Night Out” Workout!

by Allen Gil November 21, 2014

The “Girls’ Night Out” Workout!

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I am officially starting a new fitness craze! Look out Shaun T, put down your dancin’ shoes Richard Simmons – I am taking over! Introducing... drum roll please...

The “Girls’ Night Out” workout!

I can hear the crowds of adoring fans cheering loudly now! I am combining two things that I seriously love (dancing and my crazy friends) and it is going to be good for me! Could life be any better!?

And now, I am sharing my totally brilliant workout with you!

Step 1: Get Girlfriends.

Some of you may already have this vital piece of equipment, but if not...

• Please go to your local coffee shop or scour your office for some serious fun-loving ladies.

girls night

Step 2: Find a Club/Bar/Restaurant/Outpost/Whatever that has Music at Night!

You may need to test out a few of these venues... and that’s okay.

Eventually you’ll find one that really speaks to you.

I promise, your dream location that plays all your favorite songs is out there, so don’t give up!

girls night las

Step 3: Dress Appropriately – Be Prepared!

Wear heels (or flats) that can survive a night of vigorous foot-work.

Pick an outfit that allows for a wide range of motion.

girls night

Step 4: NO drinking or eating Five Guys Burgers.

Yes – I truly love both of those things – but they cannot be a part of this new workout craze.

They just can’t.

So eat a sensible dinner and grab water from the attractive bartender before getting your dance on!

Step 5: Dance like a MANIAC!

I mean it!

You don’t have to be good at it, or have spectacular moves!

Just dance!

• Get low,

• spin around,

• head bang,

• jump to the beat (or your own beat),

• sing loudly and don’t care for one second what anyone around you may be saying or doing.

They are not part of this fantastic workout and don’t matter.

Dance for as long as you possibly can with your awesome girlfriends and only stop to catch your breath or refill your water glass.


There you have it, everything you need for your very own “Girls’ Night Out” workout!

Experts (that’s me and I) recommend adding this vigorous night of activity at least twice a month in addition to a healthy and fit lifestyle for maximum fitness results.

The “Girls’ Night Out” workout, with its (not) patented “Bust-A-Move” Technology will have you burning calories and feeling great in no time!

So what are you waiting for? Grab the girls and get groovin’!

Where are you headed this weekend to put this glorious new regimen into motion? Tweet me at @lovemyjune or sounds off in the comments below!

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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