CrossFit will BREAK YOU (Part I)

by Allen Gil November 22, 2014

CrossFit will BREAK YOU (Part I)

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It’s seems like not a week goes by without an angry article or opinion on CrossFit and why it’s the worst, or best, fitness program ever.

Owning and operating a fitness business for more than 5 years, and being a CrossFit affiliate for almost 2 years, I can now say I’ve had some experience.

I’ve taught thousands of exercise classes to people of ALL shapes and sizes.

We didn’t evolve into CrossFit because it’s reckless, intimidating, and causes serious injury to anyone stupid enough to try it. 

We got into it because it WORKS.

• It’s fun,
• it’s engaging,
• it enables you to do things you’ve never done before,
• and never even dreamed you could do.

Here is my expert opinion on 2 common arguments made against CrossFit:

1. It’s dangerous.

It encourages speed and intensity over technique and safety.

How about this stat:

• RUNNERS are injured at a rate of approximately 30.1/1000hrs
• and CrossFitters are injured at a rate of approx 3.1/1000hrs.

That’s a 10x higher rate of injury in runners than CrossFitters!

Just like any other fitness program or profession there are the good, the bad, and the ugly.

• I highly recommend you participate at a gym with a thorough beginner’s (on ramp) class that teaches you proper technique and helps you build a solid foundation before ever stepping foot into a group class.

• Keep your goals top of mind - I don’t know what your goals are, but odds are you’re not going to win the CrossFit Games.

There are painful consequences for doing exercises with poor form.

It’s not worth it!

• A good CrossFit coach will help you stop your bad form and help you modify or improve your technique.

2. The workout programming doesn’t make any sense.

No one can improve without a strict periodized, progressive program.

• CrossFit’s philosophy is “constantly varied, functional movement, performed with high intensity across broad time and modal demand.”

One could rephrase that as having

• good strength,
• flexibility,
• speed,
• balance,
• coordination,
• agility,
• power,
• accuracy,
• stamina,
• and cardio.

The constant variety keeps your body guessing, and improving, without the chance to plateau, or get bored.

Here’s the bottom line:

CrossFit is challenging. The moves are difficult to learn and master.

They expose your weaknesses (lack of flexibility, strength, balance, etc.), so that you can work to overcome your limitations and become strong and healthy in more than one dimension.

It’s no booty boot camp (nothing against booty boot camps):

• if you’re looking for a simple, easy program, don’t go to CrossFit.

If you’re looking for killer results and a really fun, engaging program with a supportive community, give it a try, or are you scared you’ll get hooked and become a weirdo CrossFitter?!?

Do your homework, visit gyms, meet the coaches, meet some of the members.

• Go through an in depth Beginners program (often called an “on-ramp”),

• make stretching and mobility a critical part of your routine,

• and have fun getting into the best shape of your life.

Allen Gil
Allen Gil


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